In-Focus Japan: Japan’s nuclear industry reports record losses after Fukushima Daiichi disaster – Kyushu Electric Submits Genkai reactor Stress Test Results

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Japan’s nuclear industry reports record losses after Fukushima Daiichi disaster

The Japanese nuclear power industry reported a $46 billion dollar loss since March 2011, which nullifies the previous 7 years of profit, and there is no relief on the horizon.  Japan is looking to separate power generation from transmission and distribution operations, and form an independent operator to manage the power networks.  The government has also been advised by experts to not allow utilities to pass on costs to residential consumers, which would dramatically increase the rate that utilities could sell the power for.

“The big assumption about the electricity business was the utilities were guaranteed to generate a certain level of dividends,” Takashi Aoki, a Tokyo-based fund manager at Mizuho Asset Management Co., said by phone. “It was expected that the utilities would resume dividends once reactors are restarted, but that prospect has dimmed.”

Source: Businessweek

Kyushu Electric Submits Genkai reactor Stress Test Results

Kyushu Electric said the workers at the Genkai Nuclear Power plant will be able to cool the reactor for up to about 65 days even if all grid power is lost, because power-supply vehicles have been introduced at the plant.

Source: The Yomiuri

Source: JiJi Press

TEPCO unable to spend enough money to improve on-site environment

Tokyo Electric Power Co. cannot spend a lot of money (to improve the environment) at the site,” said Hideki Yabuhara, president of Kyoto-based Wamon Inc., which provides psychological consultations for companies, organizations and individuals and help in improving their communications skills.

Source: The Japan Times

Japanese government asks expert panel to analyze public opinion on energy policy

A panel of experts in the field of opinion polling will be commissioned study an appropriate way to sort and file the responses, and is expected to conclude its analysis by the end of the month.

Prime Minister Noda has been besieged by strong public protests over his recent decision to approve the restart of two reactors at the Oi power plant in Fukui Prefecture

A recent survey by JiJi Press showed that over 60 percent of the nation thinks that Japan should give up nuclear power generation altogether.

Source: The Japan Times

Source: JiJi Press

Source: NHK

Some Fukushima evacuees able to visit family graves for first time since March 11th disaster

Source: NHK


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