In-Focus Japan: Noda delays meeting with protestors – Hereditary effects of radiation to be studied

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Noda Delays Meeting With Protestors

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiko Noda has delayed a meeting with organizers of the massive weekend protests in Tokyo.

Source: JiJi Press

Fukushima Prefecture to carry out radiation checks of all rice exports

Fukushima Prefecture will test a new radiation detector which is able to check up to 4 bags of rice per minute.

Source: NHK

DNA Preserved From Survivors of Atomic Bombs May Link Cancer Caused By Radiation

Source: JiJi Press

U.S. Ambassador to Japan to attend memorial ceremony in Nagasaki

Source: The Yomiuri

Hereditary effects of radiation to be studied

Descendants of South Korean survivors of the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will take part in a new study which is meant to investigate whether their illnesses are linked to their parents’ exposure to radiation.

Experts at the Japan-US organization Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Hiroshima say the genetic impact of the 1945 atomic bombings has not yet been determined.

Source: NHK

Japan to hold disaster preparedness conference in October

Source: NHK

6,000 Fukushima evacuees to be given tablet computers to help stay in touch

Users can talk on videophone free of charge and send questions and requests to the village government. They can also check on radiation levels.

Source: NHK

Japanese corporate executives oppose nuclear free Japan

The Japanese Association of Corporate Executives said this week that it opposes the country giving up nuclear power in the medium and long term, instead backing plans to begin scaling down the use of nuclear power.

Source: JiJi Press


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