In-Focus Japan: Nuclear power plant may be subject to referendum – TEPCO running out of space for contaminated water storage

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Japan considers budget for research of direct disposal methods for spent nuclear fuel

Japan’s science ministry is considering including funds for the research and development for the direct disposal of spent nuclear fuel in its budget request for fiscal 2013.

Source: JiJi Press

TEPCO to have troubling adding additional contaminated water storage tanks

TEPCO has announced that it is producing more than 400 tons of highly contaminated water per day, and groundwater is still pouring into the reactor buildings through cracks in the walls.  Workers will construct an additional 170,000 tons of storage space, which should last until November 2013.

The existing water storage tanks have a capacity of 220,000 tons, and are already 85 percent full.  Radioactive water has been found leaking into the environment and ocean waters, and has also been intentionally released due to the lack of storage space.


Fukushima rice on sale in Nihonmatsu City

Fukushima prefecture plans to use 192 radiation detectors to check all 360,000 tons of rice that will be harvested this season.

Source: NHK

Shizuoka may support referendum on restart of Hamaoka nuclear power plant

A  petition was filed to Shizuoka Prefecture Governor Heita Kawakatsu on Monday, along with the signatures of 165,127 local residents, far more than the 61,541 (2% of all voters) legally required  for filing such petitions.

Source: JiJi Press

Japan economic assessment downgraded again

In July, the central government had announced that Japan was on a “moderate recovery path”, but its latest assessment has been lowered to “weakening”.

Source: NHK

The Liberal Democratic and New Komeito parties say the Noda administration is incapable of handling the country’s domestic and foreign affairs.

Source: JiJi Press

Source: NHK

Japan, complacent , has in fact contributed remarkably little to the cause of nuclear disarmament.

If the choice is between nuclear power and readily available renewable energy, it’s easy — renewable wins hands down. But if the skeptics are right, if viable renewables are still a ways off and the choice for now is between nuclear and “back to nature” — What then?

Source: The Japan Times


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