In-Focus Japan – Prime Minister Noda to meet with protest organizers – DPJ members call for review of candidates for nuclear safety body

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Prime Minister Noda to meet with antinuclear rally organizers

Up until now the Japanese Prime Minister has neglected to meet with protestors which meet every week outside of his offices, however the rapidly swelling numbers attending the protests has forced Noda to host the meeting.

Source: The Japan Times

Source: The Wall Street Journal

DPJ members urge review of Government list of candidates for new nuclear regulatory commission

Members of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan at a meeting Thursday called for a review of the government’s list of candidates for a new nuclear regulatory commission.

On July 26th, the government presented the Diet with its list of candidates for the new commission, putting forward Shunichi Tanaka, a radiation health physicist as the chairman.  Tanaka’s nomination to head that body has triggered protests from activists and antinuclear lawmakers.

It was later revealed that nearly all of the candidates had received funds from the nuclear industry within the last three years, prompting an apology from the government for not disclosing the donations earlier.

Source: JiJi Press

Source: JiJi Press

Kids safety prime concern in disaster-hit areas

This week many of the attendees of a public hearing on energy policy in Fukushima expressed their serious concerns about the impact of the nuclear disaster on the younger generations.

A 50-year-old woman living in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, told The Japan Times after the public hearing that she fears young people will be harmed by the radiation, and that discrimination against Fukushima residents will continue.

“I’ve tried to prepare myself mentally for the discrimination my son may face when he looks for a job or when he gets married, just because he was in Fukushima last March,” said the woman, who withheld her name.

“I just hope my son will stay healthy,” she said in tears.

A father of two also expressed misgivings, “I’m deeply concerned about whether it is OK for my children to marry and raise their kids in Fukushima,” the man said, “Young people (in Fukushima) have to feel anxious and fearful at such joyful moments in life. Can we accept society and politics that are causing this situation? It’s time for us to think seriously about this.”

Source: The Japan Times

Tsunami pier washed up in Oregon to be cut up and partly used as a monument

The State of Oregon will pay more than $84,000 to cut a floating pier into 5 pieces, one of which will be kept as a monument to remember the March 11th disaster.

Source: NHK

Some 30 children from Namie in Fukushima Prefecture arrive in Czech Republic

Some 30 children from the Japanese town of Namie, who were exposed to radioactivity after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, arrived for a two-week stay in the Oliva child health resort Wednesday.

Source: Prague Daily Monitor


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