Investigation concludes that active faults around Tokai nuclear power plant may move together

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In Japan, experts are investigating seismic activity at multiple of nuclear power plants, one of which is the Tokai nuclear power plant in Ibaraki Prefecture.  Seismic research in 2011 has demonstrated that the March 11th quake was caused by the simultaneous movement of multiple active faults under the Pacific Ocean.  This type of seismic activity could lead to much bigger earthquakes than the plants were planned to withstand at the time they were built.

Following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami the Tokai number 2 reactor was shut down automatically. It has been suggested that the reactor should not be restarted and should be decommissioned.  Experts have argued that faults running north-south through the nuclear site have the potential to move in unison, which may affect the seismic safety of nuclear power plants.

Source: JiJI Press

Source: NHK

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