Japan to assist Vietnam with drafting nuclear damages compensation guidelines

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Vietnam is working in cooperation with Russia to construct its first commercial nuclear power plant, which it hopes to start operating by 2020.  This week, Vietnamese officials met with Japanese counterparts to sign a memorandum which stated that the two nations will work together to help Vietnam develop Compensation for Nuclear Damages laws.

This is the first time Japan has agreed to provide support in establishing such a system in a foreign country.  Why now?

Recently, Japanese firms have received unofficial approval to construct nuclear power plants in Vietnam.  News reports have noted that Japan will provide Vietnam with information on how to define nuclear damage to be covered under the envisaged system, maximum compensation payment amounts and education for personnel dealing with compensation-related issues.

The real question is, have the Japanese laws been found to be sufficient in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster?  Many critics say no, Japan’s 1961 Law on Nuclear Damages Compensation was inadequate then, and even more so now.  This has been repeatedly stated by multiple investigations into the nuclear crisis, and even acknowledged by industry minister Yukio Edano.

Should Japan be involved in establishing nuclear policy overseas, when it cannot manage to defend their own law themselves?

Source: JiJi Press

Source: The Yomiuri

Source: AJW Asahi


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