March 22nd, 2011 – Working with the LT Chair Bill Ruland & Jim Corbett OIS to limit the impact of the AP FOIA while still complying with the request

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From: Nelson. Robert
To: Leeds, Eric; Boger, Bruce; Grobe, Jack
Cc: Meiahan. Sean; Nguven. Ouvnh; Oesterle. Eric; Marklev. Michael; Thomas. Eric; Bahadur. Sher; Blount, Tom; Brown, Frederick; Cheok. Michael; Evans. Michele; Ferrell. Kimberly; Galloway. Melanie; Glitter, Joseph; Giwines. Mar: Hiland. Patrick; Holian, Brian; Howe, Allen; Lee. Samson; Lubinski, John; McGintv. Tim; Oav, Theodore; Ruland. William; Skeen, David; Thomas. Brian
Subject: FYI: Comm Team SitRep
Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 4:11:22 PM

Attachments: FYI OBE SSE maximum flooding level and orotection level for each oweratina reactor site.msa

1. Developed responses to 32 Qs received from various sources. Forwarded to OPA for review. Many came from RIV which has its first EOC meeting at Robinson on Thursday.
2. Working with the LT Chair Bill Ruland & Jim Corbett OIS to limit the impact of the AP FOIA while still complying with the request.
3. Supported the EDO’s meeting with the Lt Governor of NY.
4. DORL is working to support a request from IL Cong Schilling for a briefing to his staff on Quad Cities.
5. Eric Thomas and DIRS staff are looking into additional info that can be provided to the staff regarding the Japan situation including:
a. Link to the Operating Experience COMM that we have been updating.
b. 1-pager listing a table with design information for each Fukushima Daiichi unit
c. A document that gets updated each day and includes status for each of the 6 units at Daiichi
d. Timelines for Units 1-4 since the beginning of the event
6. Distributed OBE/SSE info (see attached).
7. Completed screening of 11 potentially sensitive licensing actions. The decision was made to proceed with normal processing for all including an MUR for Limerick.

Backlog of actions waiting to be screened reduced to one. We’ll review that one later this week. We’re maintaining a file of all screened actions.

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