March 26th, 2011 – Unit 2 thought to have a leak/break providing a connection between the torus and the primary containment

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From: Holdren, John P. 4(b)(6)
To: Richard L Garwin ; Kelly, John E (NE)
Cc: Poneman, Daniel; Lyons, Peter; SCHU; Binkley, Steve; Fetter, Steve 1(b)(6)
Sent: Sat Mar 26 11:29:30 2011
Subject: RE: Flooding containment to submerge lower part of the RPVs.

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Dick – My understanding is that this flooding of the primary containment would only necessarily flood the torus in the case that there’s a leak/break providing a connection between the torus and the primary containment. That’s thought to be the case only in Unit 2, I believe. Best, John

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