Japan already justifying exceptions to new energy policy

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The recent energy policy named the “Revolutionary Energy and Environment Strategy” by its authors which was adopted in Japan this week was founded upon three principles, no reactor should operate over the 40 year lifespan, no new reactors should be built, and that no reactor should be restarted without proper safety clearance from regulators.

An ambition or a policy?

The ink on the policy is still wet, and is already being undermined and will only continue to be changed.  Until the root issues are resolved, every change will only continue to allow unpopular actions to continue.  First this policy was to be realized within the 2030s, now reports claim by 2040, and include caveats that will continue to allow nuclear power plants to operate long past the new deadline.  The government admitted that some exemptions could still be granted to extend the lifetime, and suggested that the 2040 deadline itself was still negotiable.

“Achieving zero-nuclear status is an ambition, not a commitment,” said a government official after a briefing.  It is true, much can change over a 30 year period, and it may still turn out that Japanese officials will reverse their current course at any point.  In fact, maybe they already have.

Even while announcing the new energy plan, Motohisa Furukawa, the minister of state for national policy, admitted that there was no intention to halt the government’s quest to restart shut-down nuclear reactors.  The only reactors which are already more than 40 years old are the Mihama-1 (November 1970) reactor, the Mihama-2 reactor (July 1972), and the Tsuruga-1 reactor (March 1970).

Possibility that seven reactors at varying stages of construction could still be activated

On Saturday, Japanese officials confirmed that planned work will continue to be carried out to construct three new nuclear power reactors in Aomori and Shimane.  If nuclear reactors which are now under construction are allowed to operate for more than 40 years, it may be feasible to forsee the operation of those reactors through the 2070s.

“The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will never change its construction permits of nuclear reactors,” Yukio Edano, the minister of economy, trade and industry, said said during a meeting with local officials in Aomori, northern Japan.  “We don’t intend to withdraw the permission that has already been given by the ministry,” he added.

Where is the leadership in Japan?

In truth, the new policy does not have the fortitude or foresight required to realistically be perceived as a long-term energy plan, it is a “do nothing now” political plan to kick the can down the road.

The policy allows the continued operation of uranium enrichment and reprocessing, which has never lived up to the claims and expectation of industry experts despite the injection of tens of billions of dollars into development, and will only further increase Japan’s growing stock pile of plutonium and other nuclear waste.

Source: JiJi Press

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Source: Channel News Asia

Source: The New York Times


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  1. The bottom line is that the Japanese Gov’t. will do anything to PUSH nuclear upon its people and that includes exposing its citizens to radiation that is not far below what was once thought of as “Safe” levels; seeking instead to raise “natural” levels by burning radioactive tainted debris and or spreading the Fukushima radiation around the Country…


    Water discharge is but one way radioactivity and or heat “leaks” from reactors and the entire Industry knows it, why do you think the “smoke stacks” are so tall?

    With todays technology we should be informed (with actual data, not just “below threshold” B$ language) about any and all radioactivity or heat that escapes from reactors or their complexes…

    The only safe source of information about radiation is that which you get from personal Geiger counters, you might consider using something like an iRad http://is.gd/WmFEep and begin to form your own Rad network to monitor radiation yourself with them!

    BTW: Here is a great article about how the industry keep things “quiet” in Japan, a practice I expect to see ever more of here in the USA… http://www.japansubculture.com/?p=5397

    Many believe that the Quake was the REAL CAUSE of Fukushima’s triple meltdowns, yet the MSM continues to cover over that fact using the Tsunami to protect the Nuclear Industry, because Fukushima PROVED that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365! http://wp.me/pDwKM-2Cx

    The quake has caused serious damage to all of Japans reactors, that is why they remain off line despite what their Gov’t says…

    The SORE (San Onofre Reactor Emergency) is a perfect example of a US reactor design failure that is now just being discussed in the MSM.
    http://is.gd/SRB82p (see the great technical comments by ex Nuclear worker)

  2. Who questions our Elected Leader’s motivation and or sanity?

    At some point, one must ask themselves when is gross denial,
    … Best left for a trained mental profession­al?

    Case in Point, Japan is now suffering with a Trillion Dollar Nuclear Eco-Disaster, yet some commenting consider that it, in effect, is “no big deal”:

    Polluted Ocean, N☢ Problem, it will get better after a while….
    Polluted Fields, N☢ Problem, they can remove the upper layer
    Polluted Air, N☢ Problem, they can wear paper masks for a while
    Polluted Food, N☢ Problem, they can mix the good to dilute the bad
    Polluted Homes, N☢ Problem, they can power wash them clean
    Polluted Schools. N☢ Problem, they can clean them
    Polluted Cities, N☢ Problem, they can return soon…

    With answers like these from too many Leaders & Nuclear Profession­als, perhaps you would consider a followup article, asking this question:

    “What exactly would it take for you to STOP supporting­, all land based Nuclear Reactors like Germany is now doing and end this nuclear nightmare?”

  3. Posted by BreadAndButter on another site: http://enenews.com/?p=39225
    Construction of Oma nuclear plant to be continued

    “Industry minister Yukio Edano said Saturday the government does not intend to withdraw permission for constructing the Oma nuclear plant in Aomori Prefecture, despite the government’s new energy policy calling for the end of atomic power generation in the 2030s.

    “I am not considering changing (the construction plans of) nuclear power plants for which the industry ministry has given the go-ahead,” Edano, minister of economy, trade and industry, said during his talks with local leaders in the northern Japan prefecture in the city of Aomori.

    He also said approval of the newly-established Nuclear Regulation Authority would be necessary to start operating these plants.”


    *so much for phase-out….


  4. This describes why the Japanese date of 2030 is just so much Nuclear Baloney* (NB) and the Japanese people know it!

    Bye Bye PM Noda at the next election!

    Japanese People, almost all your Leaders are in Nuclear Denial* and unless they keep your reactors shut down you may have ONE OR MORE Trillion Dollar Eco-DisasterFukushima’s because Fukushima proved that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

    A year and a half exactly after Fukushima’s Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster Japan is the poster “boy” for Control by the Nuclear Industry and Utility Gangs:

    The Nuclear Mafia Derails Democracy In Japan

    This is one of the most well written articles on this Debacle…
    BTW It contains a great number of links to back up all points…

    * http://is.gd/XPjMd0

    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

  5. New words to help describe what is happening at SORE (San Onofre Reactor Emergency) California and too many other places around the World, like Japan:

    Nuclear Fix*
    * http://is.gd/DzSrY1

    The nuclear industries (aka nuclear fascists) policy of donating massive amounts of money to insure that all levels of Government support Nuclear Energy to protect their market share despite it’s enormous environmental RISK of yet another Fukushima, instead of supporting less expensive, NON RISKY Eco Friendly Solar energy.


    Nuclear Conflict of Interest**

    ** http://is.gd/WiYZpz

    A Nuclear Conflict of Interest happens when elected Leaders give their support to the Nuclear Industry because they have received some form of Nuclear Payback without disclosing it to the public.


    Energy Fascism***

    *** http://is.gd/8MKQs0
    The Big Energy Companies conspiring to limit their customers choice as to the source of lower cost Energy in order to maintain their market share and cash flow at record levels.

  6. NUCLEAR POWER and MEDIA – theme for September 2012
    In countries where the nuclear industry is owned by private corporations, then we find that those same corporations either own, or have close links with, the mainstream media. Once again, the corporate ownership carefully manages coverage of nuclear issues.’ – e.g USA, Japan, Australia.

    Clare Booth Luce observed, may decades ago, that “one doesn’t need to put chains on people, if one can put chains on their minds”.

  7. It looks like the only way the Japan people can get their wishes on nuclear power is to mob the plants and go in to them and force the workers to trash the plants safely.

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