Over 3,000 workers at Fukushima Daiichi have no dosimetry records

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Some 3,077 workers at TEPCO’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have no records of the radiation levels that they may have been exposed to during the first 3 weeks of the nuclear disaster.  These workers were dispatched in work groups, with only representatives of the entire group wearing dosimeters.

Earlier this summer, it was discovered that other workers had covered their dosimeters with lead shields to lower their recorded radiation exposures in order to not exceed the national limits.

Source: JiJi Press


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  1. So then if they do not know how much radiation on the 3000 men theywill have to stop using them were it is radioactive or can they scan them to find out how much exposure they had.

  2. this is why the type of plants, oil plants and the like, are against the EPA which is for the environment and the air and the water making sure it is kept clean from all types of polluents and these corporatons, and necular plants don’t want the rules and regulations on them so that they can get away with all types of spills and conditions that cause health problems of all sorts and kinds to all the people that work there or live in the area, you feel me! holla back at a sista, holla back, holla

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