In-Focus: Japan – CSIS President calls for Japan to restart reactors – Of 506 vessels swept away by March 11th disaster, only 85 recovered

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President of US Center for Strategic and International Studies calls for Japan to restart nuclear reactors

Source: JiJi Press

Shimizu Corporation develops tsunami evacuation building

Source: JiJI Press

Japan’s efforts to draft energy plan in deadlock – Policy so unclear expert panel refuses to even discuss it

The panel of experts said the government’s intention to approve nuclear power stations already in construction but at the same time work to phase out nuclear power are goals working on contrast of each other.  Akio Mimura, chairman of the subcommittee, announced that they would not deliberate on a new energy plan until such inconsistencies were eliminated, and the goal more clearly defined.

Source: The Mainichi

Local governments pushed to develop new nuclear disaster plans after NRA simulations

Source: The Daily Yomiuri

Source: RTT News

One of the biggest challenges of Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Authority is to trust and interact with local governments

Source: The Daily Yomiuri

Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Authority may expand severe accident scenarios

Before the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, utilities had voluntarily devised measures to cope with severe accidents, but the nuclear disaster showed the utilities inability to realistically project and mitigate disaster scenarios.  Previously guidelines had been limited to earthquake and tsunami scenarios, but new discussions will be based on international standards.

The new standards will also study serious accidents caused by terrorist attacks, plane crashes, volcanic activity, toxic gases, and jellyfish clogging the coolant water intake functions, and are to be used when deciding to restart currently off-line nuclear power stations.

The new safety standards will not be compiled until July 2013, but an outline of the review will be announced around February.

Source: NHK


Cesium levels still high in Fukushima fish

Source: The Japan Times

25% of disaster reconstruction funds going to projects which won’t benefit Tohoku

Source: The Japan Times

31 accidents in Fukushima Prefecture involving abandoned farm animals since July 2011

Source: NHK

Of 506 vessels swept away by March 11th disaster, only 85 recovered as of October 1st

Source: The Japan Times

Polyethylene suggested as new method of storing radioactive waste from March 11th disaster

Source: NHK

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