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In-Focus: Japan – TEPCO unveils more video footage -Suit filed seeking a halt of Ohi reactors

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Suit filed against Kansai Electric seeking a halt of Ohi reactors

Lawyer Tatsuya Sato, who heads the plaintiffs’ group, told a press conference that the No. 3 and No. 4 reactors should not be operated before the cause of the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 plant is determined.

Source: JiJi Press

TEPCO unveils more video footage during the critical early phase of Fukushima nuclear disaster

Among the 336 hours of new footage include scenes from the morning of April 2, 2011, in which TEPCO confirmed leaks of high-level radioactive waters into the sea from Unit 2 after it had experienced a core meltdown.

“We have confirmed a worst situation. Water containing extremely high levels of radiation are flowing into the sea,” Masao Yoshida, then manager of the plant, says in the footage.

Source: JiJi Press

Source: TEPCO

Entire town of Okuma designated as a no-entry zone 18 months after nuclear disaster

The area with estimated annual radiation doses exceeding 50 millisieverts, one of three new zones, affects 96 pct of residents of the town most of the affected people will not be allowed to return home for at least half a decade.

The Japanese government plans to provide compensation for the real estate of all residents of the town based on appraised values before the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Source: JiJi Press

Political leaders discuss nuclear policy at public debate in Tokyo

Source: NHK

Mitsubishi and Hitachi consider joint nuclear ventures in emerging markets

Source: NHK

Japan approves new economic package including more reconstruction funds

Source: NHK

Source: JiJi Press

Tohoku Electric mulling rate increase

Source: NHK

Japan’s Ministry of Finance proposes drastic review of earthquake insurance with potential for sharp rise in premiums

Source: JiJi Press

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