South Korea nuclear safety probe expanded to all of nation’s nuclear sites

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South Korea recently shut down two of its nuclear reactors after having found that the safety certificates for replacement parts had been forged, but mentioned that the problem would be investigated at 5 other sites as well.  This week, South Korea extended the probe into all 23 of the nation’s nuclear power plants, but authorities continued to go through great pains in order ensure the public that there was no safety risk.

The scandal has led to the president of the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) to tender his resignation, along with other officials.

“I am sorting out what happened in the past. I will resign at any time once this is settled,” Kim Kyun-seop, head of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.

South Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission has appointed a team of 58 investigators to inspect the 23 nuclear reactors to check for parts supplied with forged certificates.

Source: Reuters

Source: LA Times

Source: Businessweek

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