In-Focus: Japan – NRA to investigate underground faults at Monju, Mihama, and Hokuriku – NRA Experts advise stricter nuclear evacuation rules

NRA to investigate underground faults at Monju, Mihama, and Hokuriku

Source: The Japan Times


Foreign experts advise Japan on nuclear safety

Source: NHK


NRA Experts advise stricter nuclear evacuation rules

Nuclear Regulation Authority experts advise the public to immediately take shelter when radiation levels reach 500 microsieverts per hour. That’s half of the International Atomic Energy Agency guideline of 1,000 microsieverts per hour.

For radiation levels of 20 microsieverts per hour the panel advises residents to evacuate within a week. The current IAEA standard is 100 microsieverts per hour.

At radiation levels of 0.5 microsieverts per hour the panel advises residents not to consume locally-produced food and drink.

Source: NHK


Reconstruction Fund Fraud: More inappropriate spending found related to travel expenses

Source: JiJi Press


Questions raised on how to decommission Tsuruga nuclear power plant

If the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture needs to be decommissioned, power companies that receive electricity from the plant would have to shoulder decommission costs, industry group head Makoto Yagi said Friday.

Japan Atomic Power Co., the operator of the Tsuruga plant, is likely to find it difficult to resume operations at the plant. A team of experts of the Nuclear Regulation Authority said Monday that crush zones underneath the plant in central Japan are likely to be active faults.

Source: JiJi Press


Govt. lifts some “hot spot” evacuation advisories

The 118 spots include 117 in Date and a site in the village of Kawauchi encompassing 129 households. Studies have estimated that radiation in those areas is now under the 20-millisievert evacuation threshold, the government said.

Source: NHK

Source: The Japan Times


Experts say no need to survey crush zones under Higashidori again

The crush zones are now expected to be confirmed as likely active faults at the meeting, a decision that may lead the regulatory commission to reject the restart of the Higashidori plant, which is now idled together with most of other nuclear plants in Japan.

Source: JiJi Press


NRA: Fault at Higashidori nuclear plant may be active

Earthquake faults beneath the Higashidori nuclear power plant in Aomori Prefecture could be active and dangerous, Nuclear Regulation Authority Commissioner Kunihiko Shimazaki said Friday.

Tohoku Electric maintains there are no active faults beneath the plant and thus there are no safety concerns.  Tohoku Electric has offered the explanation that fault slips under the plant site are caused by changes in groundwater levels.

But Shimazaki said Thursday he can’t accept that explanation.

Survey team member Yota Kumaki, a professor at Senshu University, said the same day Tohoku Electric’s claim raises many questions.

Another team member, Hiroshi Sato, a professor at the University of Tokyo, said he can’t understand on what grounds the company drew such a conclusion.

Tohoku Electric Power Co, operator of the Higashidori nuclear power plant in Aomori Prefecture has plans to have another nuclear power plant built at the site, as well as two constructed for and run by Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Source: NHK

Source: The Japan Times


Lack of Tech Capacity, Safety Efforts behind N-Accident: TEPCO Taskforce

Source: JiJi Press

Magnitude 10 temblor could happen: Tohoku University researcher

Source: The Japan Times

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