JAEA criticized for having not followed procedures in nearly 1 in 4 inspections at Monju Reactor

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Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) ordered the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) to resolve massive amounts of maintenance flaws at the trouble-prone Monju Fast Breeder reactor in Fukui Prefecture.

Last week, the NRA criticized the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for not following inspection procedures in some 9,679 of 40,000 cases inspected at the fast-breeder Monju reactor.  The orders given to JAEA instructed the utility to immediately conduct proper inspections at the facility and to investigate the cause of flaws and report preventative measures.

Among the noted failures, the JAEA failed to follow the written procedures for postponement, a violation of the regulations, the NRA said.  Katsuhiko Ikeda, head of the secretariat of the authority, said that devices that were not inspected in accordance with proper maintenance plans included those critical to safety, adding that the failures had not been resolved yet.

The JAEA admitted skipping necessary procedures in delaying the inspection of 9,679 devices — about one-fourth of the total devices subject to checks — since July 2010.

Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka attacked the JAEA, saying, “Given such a huge number of violations, the agency’s organizational set-up must be called into question.”

JAEA President Atsuyuki Suzuki, who once served as chairman of the former Nuclear Safety Commission apologized by said the errors were rudimentary.  Monju’s operator, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, has submitted a plan to run the fast-breeder reactor for about 10 years to the science ministry.

Source: JiJi Press

Source: The Japan Times

Source: The Daily Yomiuri

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