NRA says no to Japan’s nuclear reactor restart

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AREVA Luc Oursel

This week on Monday, the head of AREVA, a French supplier of nuclear technology and fuel to Japan said that Japan would restart 6 reactors before the end of the year, and that most of Japan’s nuclear power plants would be brought back online.

“We think that there could be half a dozen reactors that will restart by the end of the year,” AREVA’s Luc Oursel told reporters Monday.  “I think two-thirds of reactors will restart” within several years, said Oursel.

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority however, firmly denied these claims. “Nothing has been decided as it’s impossible for us to predict how many reactors can reopen this year before new safety measures are announced,” an official with Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority told AFP.

What may upset AREVA and the rest of Japan’s ‘nuclear village’ even more, is if the Government is forced to get public approval to restart the nation’s idled nuclear reactors, which the NRA official made special mention of, saying, “Even if some reactors clear our safety screening, there will be additional procedures ahead, including getting the approval of local residents.”

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated on Tuesday that he would only allow reactor restarts if their safety could be ensured.  “There won’t be any resumption of nuclear power plants without safety approval,” the Prime Minister told the parliament.

Source: Global Post

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