Former NRC Chairman added to NNSA panel

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Former Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory Jaczko, has been appointed to an little-known panel with the National Nuclear Security Administration this week.  The Congressional Advisory Panel was created by the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, will include 12 congressionally appointed members, and will work to make recommendations to improve operations culminating in a report due in February of 2014.

The embattled former Chairman recently made headlines around the world when he was quoted as saying that all of the operating nuclear power plants in the United States should be shut down due to serious design flaws.

“Greg Jaczko is an experienced leader on science and nuclear-security issues, and his expertise will be invaluable to the [oversight panel’s] work,” Reid said in a statement to National Journal Daily. “As Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Jaczko helped push for increased safety and security measures to protect our nation’s nuclear plants and provided leadership during the Fukushima nuclear crisis. Jaczko’s experience will serve the [panel] well as it develops recommendations on the management of our nation’s nuclear arsenal.”

Source: The Hill

Source: National Journal

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