More contraband discovered concealed above ceilings at Braidwood nuclear power plant

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Braidwood Nuclear Power Plant - Exelon

This week, while remodeling a bathroom in the protected area on the third floor of the Administrative Building, workers found a bottle of gin while removing the ceiling tiles.  The finding is eerily similar to another reported event which took place last September, after a contractor working above a locker room in the protected area during renovations discovered contraband hidden above the ceiling tiles.

These events call into question the programs at Braidwood which are meant to protect the site by scanning all incoming workers, bags, and other equipment for contraband like weapons, drugs, and alcohol, as well as those which are meant to constantly monitor and analyze the behaviors of personnel to ensure that all workers are found capable and ready to operate a nuclear reactor.  It appears that on multiple occasions workers have been able to bring contraband into the protected area of the nuclear power plant without being detected by the scanner or reported by co-workers and supervisors.

Source: NRC

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  1. The NRC report says “very old container of gin”. No mention of what was actually inside of it. Maybe they can dust for finger prints. Next maybe they will need to look above all the ceiling tiles in all buildings of all plants.

    From the report:
    “During remodeling of a bathroom on the third floor of the Administrative Building which is located inside the Protective Area, workers discovered a very old container of gin after removing the ceiling tiles. This item will be entered into the licensee corrective actions program for follow up.”

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