Safe energy organizations heed former NRC chairman’s call to revoke operating licenses of nuclear reactors

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At the 2013 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference in Washington, DC on April 8th and 9th, former Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko called for the phase out of all 103 operating reactors in the United States.  He argued that all nuclear power plants in the United States have a “fundamental design problem”, which cannot be fixed by the continual band-aids applied by the nuclear industry.

Currently, more than two thousand safe energy organizations and co-petitioners have filed a petition for emergency enforcement action directly to Nuclear Regulatory Commission Executive Director of Operations Bill Borchardt.  Readers can read the full petition and also support Mr. Jazcko’s call to start closing flawed nuclear power plants by signing the petition to revoke the NRC operating licenses for Fukushima-style reactors here in the United States.

Source: New York Times


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