Tsuruga nuclear power plant sitting on active fault says Japanese regulator

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Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant

After 6 months of investigation, Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority released a final report on Wednesday which officially concludes that the Unit 2 reactor of the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in central Japan rests upon an active fault.  The fault, known as the D-1 fault, runs directly underneath the Unit 2 reactor building and is located near another active fault, the Urasko fault which extends some 35 kilometers under and around the site.

“Safety levels (at Tsuruga) have been low and it is really just a matter of luck that there hasn’t been an accident,” said Kunihiko Shimazaki, the head of the panel and a commissioner of the NRA. “We are taking the first steps to correct the situation.”

The conclusion means that Japan Atomic Power, the utility which operates the plant will be unable to put the reactor back into operation, as government safety guidelines prohibit the construction or operation of reactors above faults.

Source: NHK

Source: Wall Street Journal


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