AREVA sends new decontamination robots to Fukushima

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In Japan, while still concerned about the continued migration of radioactive materials on-site at Fukushima Daiichi, authorities in Fukushima Prefecture are also working to deal with the contamination which is spreading.  Many decontamination efforts are behind in schedule or simply not able to provide adequate results.

AREVA it seems is adapting to the new role of industry, which is not necessarily to build new plants as was the focus before the March 11th earthquake and tsunami, as much as it is dealing with the consequences of the nuclear disaster in Japan.  In response, AREVA has initiated an entirely new robotics program in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and have just delivered two new pieces of equipment to Japan to help map the contamination and carry out decontamination work in the exclusion zone around the crippled nuclear power plant.

AREVA Submarine ROVOne new invention is a mini submarine capable of measuring radioactivity at the bottom of lakes and rivers with a probe and transmits the readings to be processed and used to create a map of hot spots to help authorities know where to focus efforts to remove contaminated sediment.  This robot will be used by teams from the Japan Atomic Energy Authority to map the bottom of lakes in Fukushima Prefecture.

AREVA Decontamination ROVAnother new invention is an installation which sorts contaminated soil and separates them at a rate of 100 metric tons per hour.  This device will be tested in Fukushima this summer.

Source: AREVA

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