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San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant shutdown in wake of ASLB decision

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San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Closed

Southern California Edison, the utility which owns and operates the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, has announced that it will permanently shut down both Unit 2 and Unit 3 at the nuclear power plant which was crippled by steam generator flaws.

Edison International Chairman Ted Craver released a statement which said the “continuing uncertainty about when or if SONGS might return to service” was the justification for the decision.

In May, the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board issued a ruling that asserted that the CAL process constituted a de facto license amendment proceeding which would have been subject to public hearings.  Soon thereafter, Senator Barbara Boxer asked the United States Justice Department to investigate the utility and its statements to federal regulators about the steam generator replacement process.

Source: Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison Announces Plans to Retire San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station by Enformable

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  1. Congratulations and huge thanks to all who worked so tirelessly over the years to insure the safety of Southern Californians from the leaking, troubled plant. You are all heroes to the millions of people living there (whether they know of your efforts or not.)

    Ace Hoffman, Darin McClure of Decommission San Onofre, local residents who live in cancer clusters who challenged the operators in court in years past, and countless others. Heroes, all!

    And a big thanks goes to Senator Barbara Boxer whose moxie, calling for a judicial investigation of the lies and cover ups looks like it was the final nail needed in the SONGS coffin.

    Kudos to all! May this serve as an inspiration to the rest of us still living in the Death Zones surrounding the remaining aging, leaking nuke dinosaurs worldwide. There is plenty more work to be done!

    Finally, thank you again, Lucas, for continuing to shine the light on this issue.

  2. This is what is called justice. Sometimes I guess one has to wait for it to be realized. Now we’ll see what kind of justice is meted out to the ratepayers in the aftermath, the decommissioning and dismantling. I’m sorry to say this, as most stockholders in Edison are in some respects innocent in regard to this, but they should swallow all of the costs of the faulty steam generators, at the very least. They abrogated responsibility for the money to faulty and disingenuous management and should learn the lesson. Though we’ve let the concept of responibility get out of hand with these nuke plants, the ratepayers also have their claim to innocence, and they’re the decided majority.

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