Spread of contamination likely to prevent TEPCO from pumping groundwater into the ocean

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TEPCO told reporters on Monday that groundwater from a monitoring observation well at Fukushima Daiichi was found to contain extremely high levels of radiation including 3,200 becquerels of beta-emitting materials per liter.   This most recent finding will likely affect TEPCO’s plans reported last week to pump groundwater into the ocean before it reached the crippled reactor buildings.  The contaminated monitoring well is less than 150 yards from where the pumping well is installed.

The finding also infers more sources of contamination than just the reactor buildings.  Media outlets in Japan are reporting that TEPCO now admits it is more likely than not that radioactive water from leaking tanks mixed with groundwater.  The newest problems also may have implications for the planned ice wall, as it may not be able to contain all of the water generated cooling the melted reactor cores without pumping up groundwater.

Source: AFP

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  1. They should direct the ground water around the plant and into the ocean a mile away, at the same time close off the port creating a closed loop. Then pump water from port storage into plants to cool them, that way they can treat the port water at will and reuse the water with next to no fresh water. They may have to treat the return water if radiation has negative effects on pumps.

  2. The ppl who are running TEPCO are insane. The levels of radiation being emitted from that site can kill a person in four days. Deadly Cesium 137 has been streaming from Fukushima for 2.5 years. They have dumped so much Cesium in the ocean, the entire Pacific is contaminated for the next 20,000 years. If they don’t cap that thing off soon, all living things in the Northern Hemisphere will be DEAD and that includes YOUR CHILDREN. This is a health and safety issue that the entire world should be involved in. If the site is not entombed soon we’re all gonna die. There are high levels of Cesium 137 in all American food and we are all eating it 3 times a day. Ingesting radioactive food causes destruction of your internal food processing organs, ie diabetes, leukemia, cancer and bleeding diseases and when you get these diseases they will blame it on something else. Get some engineers out there to fix it and SAVE THE CHILDREN.

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