TEPCO admits likely leak of contaminated water near Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2 – Enformable

TEPCO admits likely leak of contaminated water near Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2

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An aerial view shows workers wearing protective suits and masks working atop contaminated water storage tanks at TEPCO's tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima

The problems with leaking contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi are worsening every day.  Despite the Prime Minister assuring the nation and the world that the problems at Fukushima Daiichi are under control, residents of Japan and other nations are calling for the Japanese government to do more to contain the problem, as soon as possible.  Today, the towns which are located closest to the crippled nuclear power complex are still classified as no-go zones, and radioactive hot spots can easily be found.

Attempts by TEPCO to stop the contaminated water on-site from leaking into the Pacific Ocean have appeared futile.  The utility has been working to solidify an embankment near Unit 2 which is suspected of carrying contaminated water from an underground tunnel into the Pacific Ocean, but admitted on Wednesday that so far its efforts are not having the intended results.

The large volume of extremely contaminated water being stored on-site in storage tanks is ever increasing, and is already too much to be stored in tanks indefinitely.  Contaminated water leaks have continued to occur and radioactive materials have already contaminated groundwater.  The contamination of the groundwater has already had negative effects on the clean up as TEPCO officials had planned to dig wells and pump out groundwater to keep it from mixing with contaminated water in the reactor buildings, but will now be unlikely to do so.

TEPCO officials have spent the last three weeks failing to identify the leak from a tank which allowed 300 tons of contaminated water to escape in August.  The Nuclear Regulation Authority told them to inspect the concrete foundations and soil under the tank to determine where the water had gone.  TEPCO officials can only speculate that water seeped out through the steel panel joints, and will take apart the tank next week to conduct more inspections.

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Source: NHK

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  1. Dear sir,

    In ” the areas of 0.3 square kilometers” that Prime Minister Abe insisted when performing the presentation of the Olympics bidding,half seawater in the harbor goes in and out.
    But that’s a blessed lie.It is a downright lie.That was a bold face lie.An outright lie.A blazing lie.A downright lie.An out-and-out lie.A barefaced lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First point, an intercept wall against water is still under construction.Completely blocked???????????????????
    An underwater curtain called “SILT FENCE” is installed at the gate of the East breakwater in order to prevent expansion of the radioactivity in the gulf.
    But there is no “SILT FENCE” between the North breakwater and South breakwater .
    At least,Japan should build a new “SILT FENCE” between the North breakwater and South breakwater quickly.
    I think that scientists of all over the world will begin to criticize lies and bluffs of Prime Minister Abe soon.
    Prime Minister Abe spends public funds and is going to install an ice wall under the ground , but every scientist insists that an ice wall does not last for a long time.
    Even if they hope to let the ground freeze all the time, the ice wall will collapse if a cooling machine breaks down.
    There aren’t any scientists insisting that contaminated water is turned off by the method of an ice wall under the ground,old humbug Abe .

    Please spread this information in order to perform “the Shelter Implementation Plan which were covered with special material like Chernobyl for preventing the radioactivity diffusion and an outflow of the contaminated water” for Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.
    I want to protect Japan .
    Best Regard,
    Aozora Japanese Resistance

  2. Personally, all the ‘wall’ ideas I’ve seen have little value as the nature of support for the water Tepco themselves are using doesn’t seem adequate. But it seems that everyone in power wanted to simply look at it as a business and economic problem. Just when is a business ever going to have the resources or, more to the point, the philosophy to handle something as this responsibly? Diplomatic niceties respectfully aside, there should have been more pressure from the beginning to realize, recognize, give, and accept help from at least all of the developed world. It seems a grotesque monument to political and philosophical pettiness that it has come to this point. I’m truly sorry it’s as it is, and I suspect as time moves on more and more will become sorry. My best to you and all of Japan in any effort to mitigate this.

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