Four Exelon employees arrested in the last 18 months

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Dresden Nuclear Power Plant

In 2012, two licensed senior reactor operators from the Dresden nuclear power plant – which is owned and operated by Exelon, hijacked a young woman’s car at gun point and attempted to flee the scene.  One of the operators, Michael Buhrman, had concocted the plan, held the gun, and been caught at the scene with both the weapon and a mask.  The other operator, Landon Brittain, was later incriminated by statements he made to the police.  After criminal charges had been filed against Buhrman, both operators ran from the law to Venezuela in an attempt to flee.  Brittain was captured in Venezuela on May 15th of this year.  Buhrman was not apprehended until October 1st.

When Burhman was convicted in May of 2013, we questioned Exelon’s behavioral monitoring and screening program, which is designed to detect aberrant behaviors before they cause problems on-site.  According to sources, Exelon has still not made changes to the behavioral observation program, despite the recent string of failures in the last 18 months.

Blake Speckman, 24, was training to become an unlicensed reactor operator
Blake Speckman, 24, was training to become an unlicensed reactor operator

Two weeks ago, police in Joliet, Illinois were called to a party after receiving a complaint of loud music  When the police broke the party up and told attendees it was over, Nery Fajardo, 40, threw a beer can at one of the officers, which hit him in the leg, then resisted arrest as the officer attempted to arrest him.  Another partier, Blake Speckman, 24, tackled another officer to the ground and continued to struggle with him before being handcuffed and arrested.  Both men were arrested and charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault and resisting/obstructing a peace officer.

Nery Fajardo, 40, had started classes and the licensing process to become a reactor operator
Nery Fajardo, 40, had started classes and the licensing process to become a reactor operator

What was not immediately known at the time was that both Fajardo and Speckman were also employees at the Dresden nuclear power plant.  Speckman was a relatively new hire and was still in training to be a non-licensed operator – which is the first step towards becoming a licensed reactor operator.  Fajardo had been a non-licensed operator for a decade and had started taking classes and enlisted in the licensing process to become a reactor operator.

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  1. Hmmmmm. Let’s see. NOT x-NUC NAVY, NOT Degree Engineers of ANY kind, I guess that the level of requirements for an SRO have DYNAMICALLY DROPPED since 1984….Hmmmmmm….DROPPED to NOTHING. Just take the COMPANY certified course which can be completed in 2 weeks and YOU ARE QUALIFIED. Hmmmmmmm. I would NOT want to live in a STATE which has dropped the BAR for being qualified as an SRO. i MEAN REALLY, DROPPED THE BAR…as in THERE is NO BAR. and the BAR THEY say THEY have is basically the equal to a janitor in a Nuclear plant in 1984. Oops! I forgot THEY changed HIS name in the 21st century to a Sanitation Engineer without a Degree. Hmmmmmmmmm?

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