Jamaica reveals information about contamination on used cars from Japan

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Jamaican Customs Agency Major Richard Reese
Commissioner of Customs Major Richard Reese

In November 2012, a minibus imported from Japan by a used-car dealer in Jamaica was scanned and found to have radiation levels which required it to be moved to a quarantined area.

In December of 2013, a shipping container containing used car parts destined for Guyana was also found to have elevated levels of radiation.  It too was transferred to a quarantined area for protection.

Both shipments will be returned to Japan shortly.

Velma Rickets, Assistant Commissionier of Customs told reporters in Jamaica, “The JCA [Jamaica Customs Agency] has been on high alert since the earthquake affected Japan.”

Additionally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will have urgent discussions with the Japanese Embassy about the issues.

Commissioner of Customs Major Richard Reese said, “It could be that there is a weakness in the inspection process on that [Japan’s] side.”

The Jamaican Customs Agency has been working with the United States Department of Energy to conduct radiation examinations on all vehicles and spare parts coming from Japan.

Source: The Gleaner

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  1. There’s been so much news recently regarding radiation from Japan that you’d think they would have done something to deal with the problem. I can understand radiation spreading through the ocean but how does radiation get into vehicle production lines without anyone realising? Surely people are getting sick if the levels of radiation are so high that the JCA are quarantining cars?

  2. Useful information here. It’s good that the authorities are checking for situations like this. Otherwise, ordinary citizens of Jamaica would not be able to detect this on their own.

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