Worker found dead at Cooper nuclear power plant

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Around 7:38 AM on Tuesday, operators in the control room of the Cooper nuclear power plant were informed that a contract radiological technician was found deceased on the refueling floor of the reactor building.

Once control room operators were notified that employee’s had discovered the worker’s body on the refueling floor, they declared a medical emergency.

The deceased was found not to be contaminated and was transferred off site.  The Nehama County Sherriff’s Office later identified the man as Ronald Nurney, 66, of Smithfield, Virginia, who worked for Bartlett Nuclear Inc., a subcontractor of radiation safety and protection personnel to the United States commercial nuclear power industry.

As a radiation protection worker, Nurney had monitored radiation levels at the plant intermittently for a number of years.

Officials from the Nebraska Public Power District and the Nehama County Sherriff’s Department are continuing to investigate the death of the radiation protection worker.  While no official cause of death has been determined, at this point officials believe the death was a result of natural causes.

The event has been reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Source: NRC Event Notifications

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