Ruling parties in Japan agree on new basic energy plan

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The ruling parties in the Japanese government, the Liberal Democratic party and the New Komeito party, are close to agreeing on a new Basic Energy Plan after working to add new revisions which are expected to further boost the development of renewable energy.

The draft was presented in late February, but members of the New Komeito party were not satisfied with parts of the draft because while it said that the government was increasing its commitment to renewable energy as an alternative to nuclear energy it did not set any numerical targets to measure how it was achieving those goals.

As a result of discussions, the government has agreed to aim to increase the development above the previous levels set in the past.  According to a domestic energy outlook in 2010, it was expected that renewable energy would account for 20% of total electrical supply in 2030.

Despite the fact that polls have shown that the majority of citizens in Japan want Japan to end reliance on nuclear power, the draft energy plan will still define nuclear power as an “important” basic energy  source and work to restart the nation’s nuclear reactors.

Source: The Yomiuri Shimbun

Source: The Mainichi

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