Vietnam pushed to use Mitsubishi reactors

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Officials in Vietnam are near the final stages of selecting the nuclear technologies that will be used for multiple nuclear reactors across the country.

Vietnam plans to construct 14 nuclear reactors by 2030 to supply roughly 10% of the nation’s total energy supply.

In 2012, Vietnam elected to work with the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation of Russia to build the first 2,000 megawatt nuclear reactor at the Ninh Thuan site, but the construction was delayed to enhance safety.  A new timeline to restart construction of the Unit 1 reactor has not been published yet.

Last week representatives from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry traveled to Vietnam to promote their ATMEA1 nuclear reactor design, which they hope will be chosen for Vietnam’s second nuclear facility planned to be constructed at Vinh Hai in the Ninh Thuan Province.

The representatives communicated that both Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Japanese government advised the ATMEA1 reactor design be used for the Vinh Hai site.

ATMEA 1 Reactor Design

The ATMEA1 reactor is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and AREVA.

Unlike other Generation-III reactor designs, the ATMEA1 reactor is designed for mid-sized market demands.  The ATMEA1 produces 1100 MWe, compared to Mitsubishi’s APWR which produces 1700 MWe and AREVA’s EPR which has an output of 1600 MWe.

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