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Fukushima Daiichi cleanup operations blamed for contamination of rice crops

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Minami Soma Rice Paddy

Officials from the agriculture ministry told reporters on Monday that efforts to clean up debris at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant may have been the source of cesium that contaminated rice crops about twelve and a half miles away in the city of Minami Soma.

The officials suggested that the radioactive materials were transported by winds during debris removal work conducted in August 2013 at the Unit 3 reactor building and called for TEPCO, operator of the plant, to take measures to address the contamination.

According to the agriculture ministry in 2013 rice harvested from 14 paddies in Minami Soma contained cesium levels exceeding the 100 becquerels per kilogram safety limit set by the Japanese government.  Investigations found that the contamination was found on the outside of the husks.

NHK is reporting that TEPCO told the agriculture ministry that it will begin using chemicals to suppress dust from spreading during future debris removal operations at the Unit 1 reactor building.

TEPCO plans to conduct debris removal operations at the Unit 1 reactor after they disassemble the covers that were installed to help stem the continuous release of radioactive materials from the crippled building from escaping.

Source: NHK

Source Japan Times

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  1. Who knew. Fukushima Melt down of units 1, 2, 3,
    (Unit 3 MOX Plutonium Fueled) reactor cores and ongoing radiation of the environment due to breaches to containment after reactor core melt down and emergency cooling with saltwater would lead to radiation released to the environment that would be measurable in rice crops growing miles away years later. Who knew. Thanks Enformable for shining a light on this ongoing problem for the world.

  2. The Fukushima reactor, power plant and surrounding areas will never be safe! The so called ice wall is a joke that will also never work to keep the radioactive poison from dumping into the groundwater and crops in Japan and into the Pacific ocean! The Ice wall is a stall tactic to buy a year or two for TEPCO for their hope to keep the pressure off of them to delay those responsible from going to prison for gross negligence and crimes against humanity which is where they should be already! Due to the continued dumping of millions and millions of gallons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean each and every day anyone eating Pacific Fish or seafood that has a very good chance of being contaminated with radiation should be thinking very hard about doing a radiation and heavy metal detox with the natural mineral called Zeolite that has been proven to safely remove both radiation and heavy metals from the human body! For more information on removing radiation do an online search for the single word Zeolite.

  3. Groundwater flow is toward the ocean (west to east). It can not contaminate the crop lands. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has information about Fukushima’s contribution to cesium in the ocean.

    Ice walls have been successful in other places. The rate of groundwater flow seems to have overwhelmed the refrigeration systems. If the groundwater flow is seasonal, they may have better luck later in the year.

    While the reactors were out of control they emitted contaminated steam, and shifting winds carried some of that contamination toward the northwest. The Japanese have set very conservative standards for cleanup of the contaminated areas and return of the inhabitants.

    What, if any, is the radioactivity of the rice after removal of the husks?

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