France, Japan and United States to work together on Fukushima decommissioning

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Fukushima Daiichi

The Japanese government has decided to work with the United States and France to develop new technologies to help operators decommission the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The Science and Technology Ministry of Japan will work together with the French National Research Agency and the United States Department of Energy.

The United States will work with Japan to develop new technologies to deal with the incredible amounts of radioactive waste being generated by decommissioning and decontamination activities.

France will help develop new robotic and remote-control equipment that will survive the extreme levels of radiation in the crippled reactor buildings.

The agreement between the three nations will also enhance the cooperation between governments.

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  1. The headline should read. Mankind try’s to lasso the SUN. This is just a sick joke. Really, They will perform mental masturbation to ejaculate a magic answer all over us. 5 years from now they will still be whispering Radiation in an evil incantation. UNHAPPY 5th Anniversary FUKUSHIMA. Man-made nuclear radiation has brought about mans own doom. Every time I pay my power bill I am participating in killing your children. Yet I do it, you do it. 70 years ago an horrendous error in judgment is evident now in all the hundreds of diseases that are on us like plagues. Alzheimer’s, autisms, many autoimmune and neurological troubles and cancers that did not exist before they blew up 2500 NUCLEAR BOMBS on us.. And built hundreds of power plants that are now way past their prime. Goodbye NYC you have one on your doorstep in critical condition RIGHT NOW. And so many others in distress. they have all been releasing radiation all along. Humans are one of the last species not to be experiencing a mass die off AT THIS TIME. Phytoplankton gives us the majority of the oxygen we breath. It lives in a radiated sea. A sea that is host to massive die offs right now. It is as unstoppable as it is incomprehensible. Man-made nuclear radiation and its industry are enemies to mankind, so deeply entrenched in our world there is no getting rid of it. Good Luck. This brings new meaning to FEEL THE BERN. At least he is a fighting chance. xo Hugs.

  2. I just LOVE how they refer to this as “decommissioning”. What a joke! These reactors will NEVER be “decommissioned”.

  3. “France will help develop new robotic and remote-control equipment that will survive the extreme levels of radiation in the crippled reactor buildings.”

    will design….robotic equipment that will survive…

    MAY design…robotic equipment that MAY survive…

    There. That’s better.

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