Ginna Nuclear Power Plant

Supervisor violates fitness for duty program at Ginna nuclear power plant

The off-site activities of a contract supervisor at the Ginna nuclear power plant in New York caused them to violate the site’s Fitness for Duty program.  The supervisor has had access to the plant suspended….

NHK Radio

NHK falls prey to Streisand Effect

It is well known that sometimes, we humans experience unintended consequences for conscious decisions we have made.  Some of these unintended consequences are so frequently encountered that they are named. The Streisand Effect…

Prairie Island Nuclear

Prairie Island employee found in violation of fitness for duty policy

An employee of the Northern States Power Company, a subsidiary of Xcel Energy, who was a Fitness for Duty program member, was found to be in violation of the fitness for duty policy. …

Hamaoka Unit 5 Steam Condenser

Hamaoka Unit 5 likely permanently crippled due to seawater corrosion

Chubu Electric Power Company has announced that it detected fresh corrosion from seawater in the Unit 5 reactor. The Japanese government ordered the utility to shut down all 5 reactors onsite in May…

March 25th, 2011 - Don't Build nuclear power plants in highly seismic areas thank you very much

March 26th, 2011 – Don’t build nuclear plants in highly seismic areas thank you very much

MALE PARTICIPANT: Yes, Mike, the last thing I heard was the Russians showed up a week ago but then they left. MR. FRANOVITCH: Wow. That’s interesting. DR. SHERON: And their President gave them…

March 24th, 2011 - Neturon source found 1 mile from Fukushima Daiichi

March 24th, 2011 – Neutron source found 1 mile from Fukushima Daiichi – Maybe from Unit 3 explosion

Male Participant: You know, we do believe that based on information from TEPCO and identification of neutron sources, you know, found at the one mile from the plant that some fuel may have…

March 23rd, 2011 - Fukushima disaster instigated rush of applications for emergency visas to leave Japan

March 23rd, 2011 – Fukushima disaster spurred rush of applications for emergency visas to leave Japan

Chuck Casto:  With regard to visas, I think — don’t hold me to these numbers — but in the two weeks prior to the event, there were in the low tens of emergency…

Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 Before and After

In-Focus Japan: Japan to study genetic effects of radiation – Hokkaido working on hydrogen explosion prevention

Hokkaido University working on new technologies to prevent hydrogen explosions A research team from Hokkaido University will create 1:1000th and 1:200th scale models of reactor buildings to study the convection flow of hydrogen,…


March 11th, 2011 – March 31st, 2011 – Radiation data around Fukushima No.1 NPP by monitoring vehicle

Pages From ML11203A031 – March 11th, 2011 – March 31st, 2011 – Radiation data around Fukushima No.1 NPP by …

Mars Rover - Curiosity

More pressure put on nuclear applications in space

By Karl Grossman World Nuclear News, the information arm of the World Nuclear Association which seeks to boost the use of atomic energy, last week heralded a NASA Mars rover slated to land…

Waterford Nuclear

Supervisor at Waterford Nuclear Confirmed Postive for Alcohol during random testing

Power Reactor Event Number: 47652 Facility: WATERFORD Region: 4 State: LA Unit: [3] [ ] [ ] RX Type: [3] CE NRC Notified By: JACK MORRISON HQ OPS Officer: VINCE KLCO Notification Date: 02/09/2012 Notification Time:…

Enformable Second photograph of stainless steel racks of spent nuclear full at the top of Unit 1.-1024

Where Japan is and Where Japan Will Go: Update of the Fukushima Accident and the Deliberation of Post-Fukushima Nuclear Energy Policy in Japan

Japan has two laws governing nuclear third party liability: the Law on Compensation for Nuclear Damage and Law on Contract for Liability Insurance for Nuclear Damage. These laws say that plant operator liability…

Contaminated Areas

Fukushima Daiichi Research – Remediation of Affected Areas

Remediation of Affected Areas Shunsuke Kondo Chairman Japan Atomic Energy Commission Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure for me to explain the activities for the remediation of off-site areas affected by the…


Indian citizens learn to be cautious about nuclear operations after Fukushima

Villagers living within five km radius of the Kaiga Nuclear Power Project look determined to intensify their agitation demanding their rehabilitation.  Presently, five members from each of the six villages of Hartuga, Balemane,…

Wittick, Brian3

April 18th, 2011 – NISA/TEPCO Meeting – 778 Workers at Fukushima Daiichi

From:Wittick, Brian Sent:Monday, April 18, 2011 6:07 AM To:Wittick, Brian; Doane, Margaret; Mamish, Nader Cc:LIA08 Hoc; LIA02 Hoc; Foggie, Kirk; Abrams, Charlotte; Emche, Danielle Subject:RE: Read out from 4/18 meetings Attachments:Meeting results 4-18.docx…

prairie island

Fire Safety Conditions Found at Prairie Island Nuclear Station

Power Reactor Event Number: 47522 Facility: PRAIRIE ISLAND Region: 3 State: MN Unit: [ ] [2] [ ] RX Type: [1] W-2-LP,[2] W-2-LP NRC Notified By: DARRELL LAPCINSKI HQ OPS Officer: VINCE KLCO Notification Date: 12/13/2011…

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March 15th, 2011 – 0300 PM Congressional Report – Plus Plant Status

CONGRESSIONAL REPORT – PLUS PLANT STATUS (BELOW) NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko told members of Congress today that there is no water remaining in the fuel pool at Unit 4 at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear…

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INTERNATIONAL ITEMS OF INTEREST OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS Week of March 14, 2011 OIP Vision: To expand nuclear safety and security worldwide through lasting partnerships. Our Mission: OIP enhances nuclear safety and security…

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March 18th, 2011 – 0600 EDT – USNRC Emergency Operations Center Status Update

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November 2011 – NRR ACTION PLAN – Buried Piping

NRR ACTION PLAN REVISION 2 November, 2011 BURIED PIPING TAC NO. ME3939 Last Update: September 14, 2010 Lead Division: DE Supporting Division(s): DLR, DIRS, DPR, DRA Supporting Office: NRO, RES, Regions, OCA, OPA Description:…

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