Fukushima Daiichi
U4 Refueling Configuration

Nuclear Engineer Identifies Mechanism for Potential Catastrophic Drain Down of Fukushima Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool

During a review of events concerning the status of Fukushima Unit 4, nuclear engineer Chris Harris identified the “weakest link” which may initiate a spent fuel pool draindown event. A major portion of…


In-Focus Japan – TEPCO unable to find leaks – Monju to need 290 billion yen in next 10 years

TEPCO still unable to find leaks at Fukushima plant Tokyo Electric Power Company said workers used an infrared camera on Tuesday to search for the leaks in the suppression chamber at the No.2…


Japan to develop new unmanned drones for monitoring Fukushima radiation

Japan’s atomic energy authority and space agency announced a joint project to develop a drone to measure radioactivity in the environment after radiation from Fukushima Daiichi Fukushima was scattered over a large area,…

Cesium MEXT Sept 12 2011

Japanese ministry sorry for setting radiation limits “too high”

On April 19th, 2011, the Japanese government raised the allowable annual radiation exposure limit from 1 mSV (millisievert) to 20 mSV. The decision was heavily criticized by experts inside and outside Japan, as it…


Japanese officials used claims of inaccuracy to divert release of critical radiation data despite validating concerns

Japanese officials have failed to justify why it took them over a month to disclose large-scale releases of radioactive material in mid-March at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. A special government…

Japan 1

Polls one year after Fukushima disaster reflect growing rift between Japanese government and public on nuclear energy

Concerns About Nuclear Power The Japanese public is far more leery of nuclear power than it was in the immediate aftermath of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan’s northeast coast…

Japanese Dock

State of Oregon admits dock which washed up in Oregon first big piece of debris from Japan

A huge floating dock cast adrift by last year’s killer tsunami has washed up on an Oregon beach, the biggest pieces of flotsam to make landfall on the U.S. West Coast so far….


In-Focus Japan – New regulatory body – Stronger opposition to nuclear power – Hibakusha oppose Ohi restart

Japan’s main political parties have started establishing the foundation for the country’s new nuclear regulatory body. Japan’s main political parties have agreed to set up a nuclear regulatory committee that’s largely independent of…


Nuclear watchdog admits inappropriate handling of long-term power loss issues

Newly released documents show that the Japanese Nuclear Safety Commission and Utilities were working to minimize risk assessments together in 1992 to show that no safety measures were necessary to deal with a…


Japan’s obsession with restarting Ohi reactors lacks “scientific basis”

The explosions that destroyed the reactor buildings at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant renewed concerns for the safety of the nuclear industry that were echoed by governments around the world.  The Japanese government is…

Cesium MEXT Sept 12 2011

Japan sets much more stringent limits on radioactivity in swimming spots

The Environment Ministry will introduce more stringent radioactivity limits covering swimming spots, including a new threshold for radioactive cesium, which will be set at 10 becquerels per liter, substantially less than the current 50…


TEPCO admits over half of Unit 2 thermometers faulty – Hosono postpones visit to push Ohi restart

TEPCO blames humidity for faulty thermometers at No.2 reactor TEPCO officials say more than half (23 of the 41) of the thermometers at the Number 2 reactor are not working. TEPCO says high…


Is the reclassification of evacuation areas around Fukushima Daiichi encouraging reconstruction or discrimination

The Japanese government’s efforts to reclassify evacuation areas around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant under a new zoning system for decontamination and financial compensation have been significantly delayed as residents in the…

Fukushima Daiichi

Japanese protest outside prime ministers office on Friday – More than half of residents near Ohi still opposed to restart

Japan’s prime minister has said he may order the restart of one of the nation’s idled nuclear plants as early as next week, but hundreds of Japanese anti-nuclear protesters gathered outside the prime…

Japan Debris

Group of US students set to depart next week for Fukushima cleanup mission

With support from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Fukushima University and MTSU International Affairs, a group of 10 students and two professors from Middle Tennessee State University will leave Nashville early Monday, June…


GE developing fiber optic gamma radiation dose rate detection and measurement system

One of the lesser-known qualities of glass is that it can serve as a sensor for detecting and measuring gamma radiation. Gamma rays are energetic enough to create color centers, or pointlike defects,…


Diet panel and TEPCO may square off over plans to abandon Fukushima Daiichi reactors at height of nuclear disaster

A Diet panel investigating the causes of the nuclear crisis recently interviewed key politicians who responded to the early stage of the emergency, hoping to bring one important fact point to light, whether…


New lawsuit filed against Sendai nuclear power plant – More than 100 Namie residents died during Fukushima evacuations

A group of more than 1,000 residents filed a lawsuit Wednesday arguing that Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture violates their personal right and right to live guaranteed by the constitution and…

Tsukiji Wholesale Fish Market Opens First Auction Of The New Year

Fukushima Radiation found in Tuna caught near San Diego only 5 months after Fukushima disaster

Five months after the Fukushima disaster, Daniel J. Madigan a marine ecologist at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove (Monterey County), Nicholas Fisher, a marine scientist internationally known as a specialist in radiation…


Japanese cell phone to be equipped with gamma radiation detector and GPS mapping software

Major Japanese phone carrier Softbank is releasing a smartphone, the Pantone 5 107SH, this summer with a built-in radiation detector.  Softbank announced the phone on Tuesday at a launch event for new products….

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