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PBS to host moderated chat after backlash against nuclear energy broadcast

The Fukushima disaster precipitated a rise in public concerns about potential accidents, storage of nuclear waste, and nuclear proliferation across the globe.  However, the nuclear industry is trying to liken that response to…


One of world’s poorest countries to push ahead development of nuclear energy with AREVA

NIAMEY (Reuters) – Niger will push ahead with a plan to develop civilian nuclear energy in partnership with other West African peers despite recent accidents including Fukushima, the country’s president said on Monday.  Its…

Members of the IAEA International Remediation Expert Mission to Japan examine Reactor Unit 3b_1600x1067

IAEA confirms will visit Japan to assist post-stress tests reviews

An IAEA expert mission will conduct a visit to Japan next week to assist the nation’s development of a comprehensive assessment of the safety of existing nuclear power plants. Arranged at the request…

Photo from east breakwater

Japan Faces Future Nuclear Tug Of War

Earlier this month Japans government shook the nuclear industry by passing a law that limited a nuclear power plants operation lifespan to 40 years, making it one of the strictest limits in the…

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3 Day conference in Abu Dhabi to discuss international and national nuclear energy laws

ABU DHABI – More than 60 representatives from over 20 federal and local government entities are discussing how to best implement national and international laws that govern the peaceful uses of nuclear energy….


TEPCO to purchase Mega-Float from Shizuoka Government

SHIZUOKA (Kyodo) — The municipal government of Shizuoka said Monday it has agreed to sell an artificial floating platform called a megafloat, used to transfer radioactive water at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi plant,…

Cesium Levels in Food

Japan to slash contamination standards in April

General food standards to be lowered to 100 bq per kg for radioactive cesium, one fifth of the current temporary standards. Baby Food and Milk 50 bq Drinking Water 10 bq The Ministry…


Japanese Municipalities Join Together To Face Common Nuclear Opponent – Chubu Electric

A growing number of municipalities near the suspended Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant in Shizuoka Prefecture are up in arms about plans by operator Chubu Electric Power Co. to restart the plant. Chubu Electric…


Fessenheim nuclear plant faces public tide of opinion post-Fukushima – leukemia report

A change in the original plans can only be achieved through a change of opinion among decision-makers. After the Fukushima disaster, the state of Baden-Württemberg asked France to shut down the 34-year-old Fessenheim…


National Cancer Institute Statistics Show Thyroid Cancer Fastest-Increasing Cancer

Thyroid cancer, which affects about 11 people per 100,000 each year, seems to be on the rise. It’s a trend that baffles medical researchers.  A recent study showed that the increase is not…

Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant

Malfunctioning Korean Nuclear Reactor Worrying Local Residents

The 680,000kW No. 1 reactor at Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do has been shut down due to a malfunctioning component. The reactor, the design life of which expires on November 30…


Russia says will take 3-4 years to fix seriously damaged nuclear submarine

”Yekaterinburg” back in service in 2014 – Rogozin Military experts say that it will take some 3-4 years to repair “Yekaterinburg”. The submarine’s rubber coating and hydroacoustic system was seriously damaged in the…


The DOE and the mystery of the lost $15 Mil at a Nuclear Waste Site

According to a draft report of a Department of Energy Inspector General audit, the  DOE might have overpaid contractor Bechtel National for some work related to black cell tanks or vessels, the draft said. No records…

Infrastructure of Japanese Nuclear Industry May 29

90% of Japans Nuclear Power Generation Shutdown

Shikoku Electric Power Co. was to shut the 566-megawatt No. 2 reactor at its Ikata plant in Ehime Prefecture on Friday night for regularly scheduled maintenance, Akira Hirai, a spokesman for the utility,…

Indian Point

Entergy must change the way they do business

Palisades executives are taking the blame for two maintenance failures that forced them to shut down their Nuclear reactor near Covert last year.  They (somewhat) admitted they have let their safety culture degrade….


After public scandal Kyushu Electric President forced to resign – VP to take over

  Kyushu Electric Power Co. is making final adjustments to its plan to promote Vice President Michiaki Uriu to president of the scandal-hit utility, according to company sources. Uriu, 62, will replace President…

Enformable Hanford

Bechtel an DOE to replan 2012 work after layoffs diminish worker levels

Layoff notices were distributed to 154 construction workers Tuesday at the Hanford vitrification plant.  In November, Bechtel announced that it had laid off close to 200 construction workers by midmonth.  The layoffs were…


Uranium Mining Order Extends Protection For Grand Canyon for 2 Decades

There will be no new uranium mines on more than one million acres of federal land surrounding the Grand Canyon for the next 20 years, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced today….


Waste incinerator problems lead to city radiation levels over 70,000 bq/kg in Japan

The incinerator at the Nambu Clean Center is advanced and sophisticated enough to reduce the volume of incinerated ash. But radioactive cesium that cannot be incinerated becomes condensed. Radiation levels in the city…


Hundreds show up at NRC – First Energy – Davis-Besse Meeting

Hundreds gathered at a public meeting, Thursday night, to hear from FirstEnergy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission about the decision to re-open the Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant. Late last year, the plant was shut down after a 30-foot…

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