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TEPCO releases new data related to white smoke from Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3

NHK journalists who were investigating the radiation data from the Fukushima nuclear disaster found abnormalities in the radiation data from Fukushima Daini.  After asking TEPCO for clarification, the utility revealed the existence of…

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Changing the rules – It’s not just regulatory capture, it’s a whole new game

NISA plans to ok operations at nuclear power plants built above faults Despite its conflict of interest, lack of public trust, and pending abolishment, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has released plans…

Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 4 - Photos courtesy of TEPCO (6)

In-Focus Japan – Over 150 Fukushima workers cumulative exposure levels exceed 5 year limit – NISA orders investigation of fault zones under Monju and Mihama nuclear sites

NISA orders re-examination of Monju and Mihama nuclear plants in Fukui Prefecture NISA and METI have acknowledged the possibility of active fault zones directly underneath the reactor buildings of multiple nuclear power plants…


In-Focus Japan – Hiroshima and Fukushima to unite in call for end to nuclear victims – More underground faults to be examined at Monju and Mihama plants

Hibakusha: Nuke safety biggest lie “I think we can share the same sadness with people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” said Sachiko Sato, a Fukushima evacuee who attended the annual Hiroshima A-bombing commemoration ceremony…

The two boiling water reactors which comprise the Unit 1 and Unit 2 reactors at the Shika nuclear power plant account for 20%-30% of the Hokuriku Electric’s total power generation capacity, but may both face decommissioning if it is confirmed that both reactors are in fact built on top of separate earthquake faults.

More showdowns in Japan in near future over nuclear reactors seismic defensibility

Japan rests on some of the most unstable ground in the world, which has triggered earthquakes for centuries, and subsequently the nation’s nuclear industry is under severe scrutiny following last year’s nuclear disaster….

Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 Spent Fuel Removal Operation

Japanese government to launch official investigation into Fukushima radiation monitoring scandal

In the last week, a major scandal has developed at Fukushima, as media reports have confirmed that subcontractors were told to cover their dosimeters with lead shields in order to manipulate or underreport…

Fukushima Daiichi Before and After

Government panel blasts safety culture and government response in latest Fukushima disaster report

In its fourth and final report, a 12 member government panel investigating the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster raised even more doubts about the preparedness of Japan’s nuclear reactors for severe accidents despite the…

KEPCO DG Diagram

More alarms sound at the Ohi nuclear power plant during Reactor 4 restart

The first alarm sounded around 6:20 p.m. Sunday evening, and indicated a rise in pressure in the pressurizer relief tank for the primary coolant system. The primary coolant system (also called the Reactor…

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In Japan being too interested in nuclear affairs may warrant a background check

Recently there has been some suspicion in Japan that the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) submitted the names of public citizens who signed up to attend nuclear safety meetings to the police….

Fukushima Daiichi February 26th

Expert panel report says Fukushima disaster profoundly man-made

After months of investigating what happened before, during, and after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami, members of an expert panel appointed by the Diet last December, submitted a 641-page report to both…

Protesters at Japan Consulate in Californa USA

Opinions on nuclear power dominate Japan and spill over international boundaries

Discussions related to nuclear power have been on the lips of nearly every attendee of Japanese utilities’ shareholders meetings this week.  At every meeting, the utilities faced numerous questions from their shareholders about…

OOI nuclear power plant 3 4

Bumpy restart underway at Ohi nuclear power plant

Only days after deciding to restart the Ohi reactors, Kansai Electric the operator and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency have already started out on the wrong foot with a “lapse in judgment”…


Japan panel investigating unanswered questions surrounding the Fukushima disaster

A Japanese Diet-appointed panel is investigating the details surrounding the Fukushima nuclear disaster to try to determine who is telling the truth about a key phase in the Fukushima nuclear disaster: politicians or…

Radiation shelter and shielding wall

April 4th, 2011 – From March 19th to April 1st daily deposition recorded at least once in 21 prefectures

NISA press release from April 2, mentioned that water with dose rate of more than 1000 mSv/hr (100 rem/hr) was confirmed by TEPCO at around 3:20 UTC on April 2 inside the cable storage pit…


Earthquake woes continue to obfuscate restart of nuclear reactors

On Monday, a report by three Japanese utilities said that the Tomari nuclear plant in Hokkaido and the Tsuruga plant in Fukui Prefecture are at risk of earthquakes that exceed their designed quake-resistance…


Real and Present Threat to Japanese Nuclear Safety

Japan had admitted it was unprepared for a disaster on the scale of the Fukushima nuclear crisis in a June 2011 report to the UN’s atomic agency, and vowed to implement new safety…

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Chubu Electric told 18 ft seawall not enough protection at Hamaoka nuclear

Chubu Electric had been building an 18 ft seawall at it’s Hamaoka plant in response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  Japan’s nuclear safety agency has instructed Chubu Electric Power Company to implement comprehensive…


Japanese “Stress Tests” put more pressure on local municipalities than nuclear reactors

The Fukushima disaster has brought about no major shifts in Japan’s energy policy, or the absolute safety of its nuclear program.  In fact the Japanese government has repeatedly weakened its stance on nuclear…


Japan to continue attempts to restart nuclear reactors prior to launching new nuclear safety agency

“I cannot believe this is how the restart of the Oi reactors is going to happen.” All of Japan’s nuclear power plants have been required to undergo two-phase stress tests following the March…


After Fukushima elected officials and experts on both sides of the Pacific join the call for the expansion of nuclear emergency evacuation zones

In Japan, Shiga Prefecture has extended its preparedness zone around nuclear power plants beyond the 30-kilometer radius set by the central government.  The national laws were never meant to be the final rule,…

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