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LaSalle Nuclear Power Plant

Licensed LaSalle reactor operator fails fitness for duty test

During a random fitness for duty test last week, a reactor operator at the LaSalle nuclear power plant in Illinois tested positive for alcohol.  The licensee terminated the employees access to the facility….

Yukiya Amano - IAEA

Iran nuclear deal in jeopardy after IAEA fails to reassure US Senators

The Director of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano, left Capital Hill this week after failing to ease concerns presented by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the concessions in the nuclear deal with Iran….

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries San Onofre Southern California Edison

Edison seeking over $7.5 billion from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Southern California Edison is seeking nearly $7.6 billion USD from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) for the faulty steam generators that led to the decommissioning of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in California…

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

Pilgrim nuclear reactor operator violates fitness for duty policy

Around 12:30 on Monday a licensed reactor operator at the Pilgrim nuclear power plant near Boston violated the Fitness-for-Duty policy.  The operator was denied access to the plant and the resident NRC inspector…

atomic bomber

Nuclear powered aircraft plans should remain grounded

Consider getting on to an airplane with nuclear-powered engines. Consider the consequences if an atomic airplane crashes. The Boeing Company last week received approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for an…

Vermont Yankee Nuclear

NRC and state officials facing off over Vermont Yankee decommissioning

During a June 25th meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel, a stream of comments were made by officials from the State of Vermont expressing frustration and impatience with the Nuclear Regulatory…

A image of the explosion of the Space-X rocket

Debate over future of nuclear power systems in space

NASA has released a study claiming there is a need for continued use of plutonium-energized power systems for future space flights. It also says the use of actual nuclear reactors in space “has…

The loaded cask is transported to the above-ground storage pad.

Holtec President says HI-STORM dry storage casks can last 300 years

Holtec International President Kris Singh told the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel on Friday that the HI-STORM (Holtec International Storage Module) spent nuclear fuel storage casks constructed by his company can withstand…

McGuire Nuclear Power Plant - Enformable

Reactor operator violates fitness for duty policy at McGuire

On Wednesday, a licensed reactor operator at the McGuire nuclear power station in North Carolina was found to be in violation of the site fitness-for-duty policy. The licensee revoked the operator’s access to…

Farley Nuclear Power Plant

Licensed reactor supervisor tests positive for controlled substance

A licensed supervisor at the Farley nuclear power plant in Alabama confirmed positive for a controlled substance during a random fitness for duty test last week.  Southern Company, who operates the nuclear power…

Kincardine Nuclear

Canada to delay decision on nuclear waste facility on Great Lakes

Canadian Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced that a decision on whether or not to approve the $1 billion Kincardine nuclear waste storage facility on Lake Huron will be postponed until after elections in…

Braidwood Nuclear Power Plant - Exelon

Alcohol container found at Braidwood nuclear power plant

A maintenance worker at the Braidwood nuclear power plant in Illinois found an empty beer can in the protected area of the nuclear site on Tuesday.  According to the utility the can appears…

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant - 2011

Strong action necessary at Indian Point

In 1976, Robert Pollard, a rarity among U.S. government nuclear officials—honest and safety-committed—said of the Indian Point nuclear power station that it was “an accident waiting to happen.” Pollard had been project manager…


Former NRC employee indicted after attempting to sell nuclear secrets and launch cyber attack

Charles Harvey Eccleston, a 62-year-old former employee of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Department of Energy (DOE) currently living in the Philippines, was the subject of an undercover investigation by agents from…

Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant

Watts Barr supervisor fails fitness for duty test

On Tuesday a supervisor at the Watts Bar nuclear power plant in Tennessee failed a random fitness for duty test after confirming positive for alcohol. The licensee terminated the employee’s access to the…

V.C. Summer Nuclear

V.C. Summer supervisor fails follow up fitness for duty test

On Thursday, April 23rd, around 3:32 pm an employee supervisor confirmed positive after a follow-up fitness for duty test.  The licensee denied the employees access to the facility. Fitness for duty tests are…

SRS L Area Complex

Savannah River restarting reprocessing operations

After spending more than a year offline, the only chemical separation facility operating in the United States is restarting spent fuel dissolution work. At the L Area Complex in the Savannah River Site…

VC Summer nuclear power plant

VC Summer construction supervisor willfully avoids fitness for duty test

An employee supervisor at the Summer nuclear power plant in South Carolina has been found of willfully acting to avoid a fitness for duty test. The employee was working on Wednesday when they…

honeywell metropolis IL

Honeywell ordered to change policies after NRC investigation

After investigating a 2012 wrongful termination incident at the Honeywell Metropolis facility, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has ordered the company to change its policies for reporting employee and safety concerns. The NRC Office…

River Bend Nuclear Power Plant

Licensed operator confirms positive for alcohol at River Bend nuclear power plant

On Friday, March 13th, around 11:17 in the morning a licensed reactor operator at the River Bend nuclear power plant in Louisiana failed a random fitness-for-duty test and confirmed positive for alcohol. The…

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