Japanese Government NISA Caught Promoting Manipulation of Nuclear and MOX Focused Public Symposiums

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From Kyodo News
TOKYO, July 29 (AP) – (Kyodo)—Chubu Electric Power Co. said Friday it was asked by the government’s nuclear safety agency to have local residents pitch questions favoring the firm’s so-called pluthermal nuclear power generation project at a related symposium.

The electricity firm serving central Japan said an official of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency asked the utility to bring in participants for the government-sponsored symposium to reduce the number of vacant seats and have them raise questions to make it appear that not everyone was opposed to the project.

The revelation came after Kyushu Electric Power Co. recently became embroiled in a scandal in which it admitted to an attempt to fake public backing for the resumption of a halted nuclear power plant at a similar event.

Chubu Electric’s case was the first revelation of the government’s involvement in a suspected attempt to manufacture public opinion on nuclear power.
Pluthermal power generation uses plutonium-uranium mixed oxide fuel in an existing reactor and is an important pillar of Japan’s nuclear program.

Chubu Electric said it asked its employees and workers from its contractors to attend the August 2007 symposium for local people to get a better grasp of the pluthermal project planned for its Hamaoka plant in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The Japanese Regulators have long been compromised by their close ties to the industry, and willingness to collude and withhold information from the public and international groups.  

These problems are not only in Japan, in the UK ministers were found colluding with French nuclear industry officials to downplay the events at Fukushima.

From Manchini

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, METI “planted question” at issue, industry minister after the 29th 海江田 held an emergency press conference, “If the country had been induced opinion, sorry” and apologized.
 To clarify the facts and established the independent committee composed of lawyers, etc., revealed the idea to organize the report around the end of 8.
 NISA is to regulate the nuclear side, through industry minister stood on the side 海江田 about promoting nuclear power, “a very serious situation,” he said, the future, separated from the ministry, officials plan to separate NISA For, “So why go to a new organization, I want big reform ideas,” and demands that. The effect on the resumption of suspended nuclear power plant operation is currently “no it would not be affected,” he said.
( 33 minutes, July 29, 2011 at 20:00   Yomiuri Shimbun)

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A picture of some of the uncovered evidence
It has come to light that the operator of the Genkai nuclear power plant had requested its staff and affiliates to send e-mails supporting the restart of the reactors to a meeting to explain the government’s safety measures.

On June 26th, the government held a meeting in Saga City to answer questions from residents in preparation for the resumption of the operation of the nuclear reactors.

The meeting was shown live by a cable TV station and via the Internet, and viewers were invited to send in their opinions by e-mail or fax.

On Wednesday, Kyushu Electric Power Company President Toshio Manabe revealed that 4 days before the meeting, its head office instructed some company members and 4 affiliated firms to send in e-mails expressing support for restarting the reactors.


Kyushu Electric Also Had Employees Tamper With Previous Public Debates Regarding MOX Fuel

MOX public debate, the former electric employee half of the participants
When Saga sponsored panel discussion about a pluthermal generation plan of the unit No. Kyushu Electric Power Genkai Nuclear Power Plant (Genkaicho, Saga) 3 in December, 2005, the employee and members of associated company whom Kyushu Electric Power called out understood that I amounted to a little less than several odd numbers of the whole participant (782) that was almost half of one hundred thirty six, officials found the testimony of Kyushu Electric Power.

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