Kyushu Electric Also Had Employees Tamper With Previous Public Debates Regarding MOX Fuel

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MOX public debate, the former electric employee half of the participants
When Saga sponsored panel discussion about a pluthermal generation plan of the unit No. Kyushu Electric Power Genkai Nuclear Power Plant (Genkaicho, Saga) 3 in December, 2005, the employee and members of associated company whom Kyushu Electric Power called out understood that I amounted to a little less than several odd numbers of the whole participant (782) that was almost half of one hundred thirty six, officials found the testimony of Kyushu Electric Power.

Furthermore, it was recognized that I directed it to reply the participant questionnaire in the meeting place positively.


As for the questionnaire result, an affirmative 65% had ​​positive opinions about the safety of nuclear power plants, , and the Governor Yasushi Furukawa of the above-mentioned prefecture expressed the agreement to a plan in reference to these results in March, 06.


Kyushu Electric Power includes this panel discussion on 29th and reports that mobilization organized ever became common to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The panel discussion was opened in a hotel of Karatsu-shi as a place of the last argument that a citizen of the prefecture judged the right or wrong of the plan. 3 local city area inhabitants including Genkaicho were given priority to, and the other local inhabitants became the lottery.

(the July 29, 2011 03:03 Yomiuri Shimbun)

As many of you know, this is the same utility that recently tried to use employees pretending to be citizens to restart the same nuclear power station.

Transcript of documents sent to workers at Kyushu Electric that showed the attempt to alter the cities perception of the proposed restart.
A picture of some of the uncovered evidence
It has come to light that the operator of the Genkai nuclear power plant had requested its staff and affiliates to send e-mails supporting the restart of the reactors to a meeting to explain the government’s safety measures.

On June 26th, the government held a meeting in Saga City to answer questions from residents in preparation for the resumption of the operation of the nuclear reactors.

The meeting was shown live by a cable TV station and via the Internet, and viewers were invited to send in their opinions by e-mail or fax.

On Wednesday, Kyushu Electric Power Company President Toshio Manabe revealed that 4 days before the meeting, its head office instructed some company members and 4 affiliated firms to send in e-mails expressing support for restarting the reactors.

Manabe offered an apology, saying that his company’s action undermined the credibility of the meeting.

He said he does not know how many e-mails were sent.

Manabe also said the company hoped to help deepen residents’ understanding by stating its opinion as the plant operator.

He said he is responsible for the inappropriate act, but added that he is not considering stepping down as president.

Industry minister Banri Kaieda issued a statement saying it is outrageous to do such a thing and the incident undermines the aim of the meeting.

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