Brazil claims No Fukushima Here – Releases plans to build 4 more nuclear plants

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Brazil is completing construction of its third nuclear plant and will build four more plants to increase its nuclear energy production, Energy Minister Edison Lobao said Thursday.

“Despite the recent incidents in Japan, Brazil will stick to its policy of expanding the nuclear program,” Lobao said at an energy seminar held in Rio de Janeiro.

“We have two plants currently operating, we are building a third one and we are planning to build four more plants,” he said, but did not specify a timeline for the building of new plants.

The four nuclear plants will be built after a security revision of the two plants currently in operation have been completed, Lobao said.

Lobao said the security conditions at all the Brazilian plants had been checked following the nuclear incident earlier this year in Japan and all studies had concluded that there was no risk of a similar accident happening in Brazil.

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