Earthquake caused crack in containment building for North Anna Nuclear Power Plant

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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) — Dominion Resources Inc. found a small crack on a wall with “no safety significance” in a room of a containment building at the North Anna nuclear plant after an Aug. 23 earthquake in Virginia, a company official said.

The fissure was a “superficial crack in a wall that serves no safety significance,” said Dominion spokesman Richard Zuercher.

The 5.8-magnitude earthquake may have caused ground motion that surpassed the power plant’s design, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Aug. 29.

Dry casks storing radioactive spent fuel also shifted from one to four-and-a-half inches in their storage area at the complex, the company said yesterday.

The casks may not be returned to their original positions, Daniel Stoddard, the Richmond-based company’s senior vice president for nuclear operations, told reporters today.

The company will complete a damage analysis next week, Stoddard said

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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