Expert panel starts discussing decontamination of radioactive materials in Japan

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An expert panel has begun discussing effective ways to remove radioactive materials from areas near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Experts on radiation and soil pollution on Wednesday attended the first meeting of the panel set up by the Environment Ministry.

Environment Minister Goshi Hosono told the panel that decontamination is Japan‘s top priority, and that the country faces the challenge of decontamination on an unprecedented scale.

In Fukushima Prefecture, municipalities near the plant have launched their own efforts to decontaminate buildings and soil.

The government plans to launch a model decontamination project in 12 of the prefecture’s municipalities before focusing on severely contaminated areas early next year.

The panel is to discuss how much topsoil must be scraped away for effective decontamination, as well as standards and methods for municipalities’ temporary storage of radioactive soil.

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