Expert urges checks of reactor interiors – TEPCO Should Ensure Cooling Methods Are Effective & No More Criticality In Fuel

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An expert commenting on the accelerated plan to contain the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says the interior temperatures of the damaged reactors need to be checked.

Masanori Naitoh, director in charge of nuclear safety analysis at the Institute of Applied Energy, was speaking to NHK about the revised timetable for bringing the plant under control.

The Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company updated on Tuesday their preparations to achieve a cold shutdown by the end of this year instead of in January as originally planned.


TEPCO is now only measuring temperatures outside of the reactors.

The utility also needs to prove that recriticality cannot occur, instead of avoiding the topic.


Naitoh said that TEPCO is now only measuring temperatures outside the reactors.

But he said that it needs to be confirmed through simulation that temperatures inside have fallen below 100 degrees.

He said it also must be proven that there are no risks of a recurrence of nuclear reactions, even though such possibilities are low.

The government and TEPCO plan to start installing new devices at the No. 1, 2 and 3 reactors next week to extract contaminated gases and reduce the release of radioactive substances.

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