Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant Faces Crisis As It Struggles To Pay For Repairs From Flood Damage

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The Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant that spent most of the summer surrounded by water does not have the money to pay for the flood repairs.

The aging nuclear plant has seen the cost of fighting the flood and the now needed repairs go up and that has strained their comparatively small corporate coffers.

OPPD will now have to borrow from other budgets and refinance their current debts in order to pay for flood repairs.

Two things you don’t want in the same sentence is cash strapped and nuclear plant. If there were even a minor accident OPPD would be unable to pay compensation.



Ft. Calhoun is also under a special inspection due to the flood and an electrical fire during the flooding.  Ft. Calhoun has also had their “bad plant” status increased with the NRC.



Ft. Calhoun and Browns Ferry nuclear plant are the two worst in the US. Ft. Calhoun only supplies Omaha with 24% of their electricity and is only a 484 mega watt reactor.

Yet it is one of the riskiest nuclear plants in the US due to its location at the river elevation on the banks of the Missouri river.

The plant was previously in trouble with the NRC for their inadequate flood plan that consisted of sand bags and did not even have a supplier lined up to purchase bags and sand from.

The improved plan struggled to keep water out of the plant and their outer protection, a water berm was punctured by a piece of heavy equipment.

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