Fukui Gov. calls for ‘responsible’ energy policy and clarification of ‘impromptu’ stress tests

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In a written request submitted to Edano, the governor of Fukui Prefecture, which hosts 14 nuclear power reactors, the most among all prefectures, called on the government to promptly share knowledge and data obtained from the accident and demonstrate a “responsible” energy policy for the future of nuclear power.

In the statement, Nishikawa criticized the handling of the nuclear crisis by the previous Cabinet headed by Naoto Kan, including its request to close only the Hamaoka nuclear power plant in Shizuoka Prefecture and the abrupt introduction of the so-called nuclear “stress tests,” saying they were done in an “impromptu” manner.

“We hope the (new) government will quickly present responsible visions for securing energy and for the future prospects of nuclear power,”

Nishikawa said in the document. In the meeting with Nishikawa at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Edano expressed regret over trouble and anxiety caused by the Fukushima nuclear crisis among people residing near nuclear power plants.

He said the government will strive to make the process of allowing reactivation of halted reactors trustworthy and transparent to the public.

Source: english.kyodonews.jp, via Nuclear Crisis – News – Kyodo News
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