Fukushima nuclear plant on Typhoon Roke alert

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Typhoon Roke is expected to approach the northern prefecture of Fukushima on Wednesday night. It has already brought a total rainfall of more than 200 millimeters to the area since Tuesday midnight.

Efforts to install steel plates at the plant‘s water intake area have been halted for fear of storm surges. Strong winds and heavy rain have forced the suspension of work to cover the No. 1 reactor building.

Outdoor piping and pumps for injecting water into the reactors have been secured with ropes to keep them from being knocked over by strong winds.
Tokyo Electric Power Company has confirmed rainwater has flowed into the basement floor of the No. 6 reactor turbine building and that it has found leaks in the roof of the central control room of the No.1 and 2 reactors. But no serious damage to the plant has been discovered.

Rainfall of up to 250 millimeters is expected in the area through Thursday noon, but TEPCO says radioactive wastewater is unlikely to overflow from the reactor turbine buildings.

TEPCO says it is closely monitoring the wastewater levels around the clock.

Roke Stops Work, Flows Into Turbine Building, Up to 44 cm at Number 1 Reactor

The typhoon approached the plant on Wednesday night, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the area.

Rainwater flowed into the basement of the turbine building of the Number 6 reactor.

Of the number one through 4 reactor buildings whose basements are flooded with contaminated water, water levels rose by 44 centimeters at the number one reactor building, and by about 10 centimeters at the other 3 reactor buildings due to rain.

The operation of equipment to remove salt from contaminated water was also stopped due to rain.
Tokyo Electric Power Company said several cameras to monitor the plant compound and amounts of water injected into the reactors also suffered glitches likely due to rain.

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