March 11th, 2011 – Where is the in-country and established US Nuclear infrastructure in Japan?

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From: Polickoski, James
To: Gitter, Joseph; Nelson, Robert
Cc: Markley, Michael
Sent: Fri Mar 11 23:44:17 2011
Subject: Two comments from tonight

Two quick comments from tonight that I’ll pass to you for what it’s worth:

1. First, the lack of awareness of the TEPCO press releases is disconcerting considering the level of detail below:

“Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station:
Units 1 to 4: shutdown due to earthquake
The national government has instructed evacuation for those local
residents within 3km radius of the periphery and indoor standby for those
local residents between 3km and 10km radius of the periphery.

At present, we have decided to prepare implementing measures to reduce
the pressure of the reactor containment vessel (partial discharge of air
containing radioactive materials) in order to fully secure safety.
These measures are considered to be implemented in Units 1 to 4 and
accordingly, we have reported and/or noticed the government agencies

This is the second major call without the awareness level.

2. Next, though I understand, the US response is currently “engineering” support, I hope that USAID and DOS are not forgetting the in-country and established US nuclear infrastructure presence at the Yokosuka Naval Base. To be a nuclear aircraft carrier capable port requires large capital assets to support emergencies and ship engineering maintenance periods (EDG’s, demins, etc.). Equipment that would most certainly be useful to the area north of the base is already in country and is already quality certified as nuclear grade. More importantly it’s owned by US resources that can physically move it there with the aircraft and amphib carrier assets in theater. I know this may seem obvious, and I apologize if I am speaking out of turn, but the urgency of this issue compelled me to write this email.

Thanks for listening,

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