March 14, 2011, 11:30pm Japan Nuclear Facility Updates – Unit 2 Ex Vessel Fuel Damage – Substantial Debris in Unit 3 SFP

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Subject: March 14, 2011, 11:30pm Japan Nuclear Facility Updates

Update regarding Japan from 1130 pm TA briefing,

Conditions have substantially changed

Fukushima Daiichi
Unit 1 has stable core cooling and intact containment with no SFP issues

Unit 2 has not had core cooling for some time, apparently the pumps were deadheaded. Containment is no longer believed to be intact (They heard a loud explosion in containment and containment pressure reduced to atmospheric pressure). There is possibility of ex vessel fuel damage.

Unit 3 has stable core cooling, there is substantial debris in the SFP from earlier hydrogen explosion

Unit 4 SFP is dry. Potential fuel pool zirconium fire.

20 km evalucuation has been issue by Japan and 30 km shelter in place.

Site Boundary dose rates at Units 1/2 is 3 to 4 R/hr at Units 3/4 is 10 R/hr

NRC has dispatched 9 individuals to Japan lead by Chuck Casto DOE WRAP team is 7 hours out from arrival in Japan.

Next Update is at 0730.

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