March 15th, 2011 – All 3 Reactors have known fuel damage – 50 Staff on site – 5 may have received fatal radiation doses

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From: Jackson, Donald
To: Dentel, Glenn; Dean, Bill; Lew, David; Wilson, Peter; Roberts, Darrell; Collins, Daniel; Lorson, Raymond; Baker,
Pamela; Walker, Tracy; Clifford, James; Miller, Chris; Weerakkody, Sunil
Cc: Screnci, Diane; Sheehan, Neil; Trapp, James; McNamara, Nancy; Tifft, Doug; Hansell, Samuel; Hinson, Felicia;
McKinley, Raymond
Sent: Tue Mar 15 20:59:12 2011
Subject: 2000 CA Briefing and Attached Situation Report

I have attached the 1930 Situation Report Update provided to the Commission TAs. The Chairman joined the phone call at around 2015 to confirm reports of an ongoing Unit 4 fire that was reported on CNN. I have summarized key changes to the previous email from Glenn Dentel in bulletized fashion below. The attachment is a concise comprehensive report of current status.

Unit 1-
* Little Change
* Some Fuel Damage
* SW Injection Working
* Loss of Sec Ctmt

Unit 2-
* New Report That Primary Containment Appears Intact
* Loss of Secondary Containment- TEPCO made a hole in roof to positively vent H2 Gas
* Some Fuel Damage
* Less Stable SW Injection

Unit 3-
” Little Change
• Some Fuel Damage
* SW lijection Working
* Loss of Sec Ctmt

Unit 4-
* Previous Fire determined to be a lube oil fire
* New fire reported in vicinity of refueling deck, believed to be H2 fire
* SFP Level reported to be very low, radiation levels 30 R/hr due to shine
* No fire fighting actively due to high rad levels
* Fire began 4-5 hours ago
* TEPCO plans to remove secondary containment roof or wall section to fight fire externally

Units 5 and 6-
* SFPs heating up, approximately 80 degrees C

Other Items:
– INPO has issued its highest level event notification requiring plants to assess and report on 4 items including B.5.b, SAMG, SBO, Flooding and Fire readiness.
• Additional NRC Team arrives this evening
* NRC has determined that Japanese PARs currently adequate
* Japanese government is accepting US Government help from Military, DOE, and other specialties
* It was reported that TEPCO currently has around 50 staff on site, and that 5 individuals may have received fatal radiation doses during emergency actions.

Please refer to the attachment, it has really good information.
Very Respectfully,
Don Jackson

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