March 15th, 2011 UPDATE: 2000 EDT Telecon on Fukushima Daiichi – Unit 4 New Fire Broken Out – Doses in Area around 30R/hr

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Kock, Andrea
From: Franovich, Mike
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 8:51 PM
To: Ostendorff, William
Cc: Nieh, Ho; Warnick, Greg; Kock, Andrea; Zorn, Jason
Subject: UPDATE: 2000 EDT Telecon on Fukushima Daiichi

Grobe led the discussion.

” NRC team led by Chuck Casto have not all arrived yet.

* INPO took action to get industry response (see latest LIA report. I asked Grobe if NRC was contemplating a similar action. None immediately planned but looking at generic com. that could come out in a few weeks.

” NRC looking to DOE for data stream from aerial sampling.

* No change in status of units 1, 2, and 3. Caveats about the IAEA data/table which is old info. NRC is working with NRC personnel in Tokyo to get similar data stream. RST working on a standard info set. I asked him to have the RST provide the next update in units that we use (I did the conversion in the spreadsheet below if you are metric intolerant).

” On Unit 2, asked Jack what gives us a better feeling that Unit 2 primary containment is” functional. No answer other than the primary seems to be holding pressure, but he didn’t know if it was based on the IAEA data. RST believes that a,ý,acuum breaker may have opened temporarily to relieve differential pressure between the drywell and torus and may have had a hydrogen burn.

” Unit 4 remains problematic. A new fire has broken out. Doses are stable in the area of Unit 4 around 30R/hr. Fire fighting and pool cooling strategy still being worked out.

* Units 5 and 6 have spent fuel pool temperature at approximately 80 degrees C.

* I asked Grobe (yep lots of questions from me tonight), if TEPCO was cycling operators in and out of the site to relieve personnel. No info on that other than TEPCO did evacuate nonessential personnel. Five individuals may have received a lethal dose.

” Chairman joined the bridge late asking for status on new fire for Unit 4. ET will give him an update before tomorrow am.

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