March 18th 2011 – Consequences of criticality in one of the spent fuel pools not significant in comparison to consequences of sfp remaining empty

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From: Carlson, Donala
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 3:40 PM
To: RST07 Hoc; RST01 Hoc
Cc: Parks, Cecil V.; Lee, Richard; Wagner, John C.
Subject: RE: assessment of the potential risk of a criticality configuration

Don Carlson (NRO), Richard Lee (RES), John Wagner (ORNL), and Cecil Parks (ORNL) concur on the following technical opinion:

Criticality in the spent fuel pools is very unlikely, particularly if boron is being added.

If other information is correct, such as the water level in the pool at unit 4 is very low (or empty), the consequences of criticality in one of the spent fuel pools will not be significant in comparison to the consequences of the pool remaining empty/exposed.

(Note: BWR spent fuel pools do not have borated water to begin with.)

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